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[BLANK_AUDIO] So, Halloween is this weekend, obviously. We're coming up with last-minute costumes. Please welcome TV personality and founder of, Miss Tai Beauchamp. How are you? Hey love bug. Hi my love muffin. Hi. It's so nice to have you back. Thank you, it's always good to be back. And it's nice to be back with a fro, if I do say so myself. You feeling it? Yes, yes, tell me about your [UNKNOWN] I love this fro. Okay, well who I am? Pam Grier. Pam Grier, right? I'm the Foxy Brown number one. It's out of my closet because it was very last minute. It looks beautiful. And it was just the jeans, and a short that you just tie at the waist, agreat fro, which I paid, I think, like $20 for, and threw some boots on and easy and go. Can you guess who I am? Well I, am really thinking that you're a sexy jail-bird. Well! [LAUGH] The gloves. [LAUGH] I'd call myself a dirty mime but the producers are going to get mad at me, I'm just a mime. You're just a mime. Okay. I think, you're just a little bit dirty, I can see the mime, I. Okay, the gloves, I get it. Cute, I like the sequin because I think the idea of what we do with fashion and Halloween costume is that we have to bring a little bit of our personality and pizzaz to it. So the sequins I'm loving. Thank you. Cute. Thank you very much. All right, so now we're gonna just go ahead and jump right into it with a few of these last minute festive costumes. So number one, we have my girl from Progressive Insurance. [LAUGH] So tell me a little bit about this look. How can we create this? Well, it's very, very easy. I mean, if you have a pair of white bell bottom jeans or white jeans, period. You have a white apron and we literally just got The press-on letters, I think they're three dollars a pop at Michael's or any craft store. You have the blue headband. You add the bob wig, a [UNKNOWN] flowy wig, right? And then you just go with it. But it's super easy. It's festive and you still get to be you in some ways but then you step into. To someone else's kind of image for a minute. That's super quick and easy, and that's very, very fun. Don't forget the red lip, too. You need that red lip and the fabulous smile. Gorgeous girl. [INAUDIBLE] our Essence staffer girls. [SOUND] I love that. [INAUDIBLE] coming through in the paint. [LAUGH] And now it's last minute costume number two. Black Panther activist. Come on out. This is, I love this, and I mean, we're kind of channeling the same- Right, right. Person in some ways. But all you do is you dress in all black. So your black jeans, your black turtleneck, your black mockneck, your moto jacket, and then a fro, and you want black sunglasses of course. Add the gloves, and you're good to go. I think everybody has this outfit right now. I would wear this actually, every day. Even if it wasn't Holly. No, absolutely. You totally would. But I think the other cool thing that we did here is that we added the buttons, right. So you want to personalize it. You can goa little fun and funky with it. You can actually even overdo it if you want, just to make a little bit more of a power statement. There we go. And our third last-minute costume. Our obsession. I know all of you out there are gonna love this one. Ms. Cookie Lyon. Cookie! So how do you do Cookie? Oh just with, I think most of it is attitude and fierceness. It's attitude and fierceness, but the other thing's that just wanna be all over the top. So you have on the glitter shoes, or the sequined shoes. You have a black dress, take a faux fur overcoat or jacket. Add the leopard, too. And then of course you wanna add a purple or blue lip, and then [UNKNOWN] Yeah. She is working, Cookie. It's all about accessories. Look, see that attitude and that fierceness? Okay. All right. We see you, Essence staffer, Omani. Get it. Get it. We see you. She did it. Okay. So, what are you gonna be for Halloween? Tai Bo Trump. Just like Thai. Actually no, I was thinking I was gonna go with this for Halloween but since we debuted it here we'll have to do something else. At the we did a whole mix of last minute costumes as well that are all empowering. Nice. So I might switch it up and do a, I don't know, who am I thinking? Madonna maybe? You know << She's on tour right now I believe. << Rosie the riveter. i don't know, I think I am going to have, I'm going to do something that's all about being in power because I want to be me but step into a different media source. << I love it. Thank you so much [UNKNOWN] for joining us. << Thank you. Always good to see you. << Always welcome back. [BLANK_AUDIO]

These 3 Last Minute Costumes Could Save Your Halloween

ESSENCE Live host Dana Blair and Tai Beauchamp show us 3 last minute Halloween costumes.