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Anything that is of value has to go through some pressure. And that's why I'm excited and expectant about what America's gonna look like after this. This is a needed and a necessary conversation. Racism Racism has been around. Police brutality has been around, but now we're forced to deal with that lump in the carpet. And we consider ourselves vacuum cleaners to pull all of it out and discuss it in a healthy way. You know, why would a loving God allow these things to happen speaks to much broader questions of philosophy and spirituality and An eternity. We're in a very morally relative society now. We are in the age of secular humanism and moral relativism. We're an autonomous society. We can live how we want. Sleep with who we want and do what we want and we think there are no ramifications for these actions, but there are. I believe the problem is, too often, we blame God. Formalities. Yeah. To jump on what John was talking about. But when you think about it God didn't choke Eric Garner. God didn't pull the trigger in Baton Rouge or in Dallas. Right. There's something about the inhumane nature of human beings. Right. So I think through our show we're able to speak to the base nature in humans. To take some responsiblity. We can't blame everything on God. Yeah. We have moral human problems. And I think our show will bring those issues, being able to dialogue, to talk about the innate goodness in each other. And hopefully people who don't look like us or share our beliefs can begin to share a sense of humanity. That we're not Animals, we're not demons, do not dehumanize us, to see that commonality. And hopefully we can become a more loving society, because we're responsible to each other. We are each other's brothers' and sisters' keeper. And hopefully, this show can bring those things to bear. We've gotta love each other more. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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