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Lakeith Stanfield and 'The Photograph' Cast Talk Life-Changing Love

"You just can't shake that person," Issa Rae told ESSENCE in regards to her experience of a great love.

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day where we show our loved ones what they mean to us with cards, candy, jewelry and in some Instagram-worthy cases, many other things that are a lot more lavish. But it’s also the day our queen Stella Meghie put out a new Black romance film to put on our classics list, The Photograph.

In it, the lovely Issa Rae plays Mae, a museum curator whose complicated views on love stem from her strained relationship with her deceased mother, famed photographer, Christina Eames. Lakeith Stanfield plays Michael, the journalist assigned to cover Mae’s mother.

Their chance meeting sends us on a journey of one of those standout love stories we star in in our lifetime, if we’re lucky. You know, that kind of love that sticks to your rib and no matter what happens to your relationship, that love and that person stays in your heart? Yeah, that kind.

During the New York City premiere, we asked the film’s cast to share personal stories about the kind of love that has stuck with them for life. Check out the video to see what Issa Rae, Ylan Noel, Lakeith Stanfield and more shared about life-changing love.


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