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Today on Essence live, Teyana Paris is in the building and she's taking your questions live on Facebook. I freestyle battle with Essence festival performer Common. A money and violent star explains how she balances acting and teaching Our love and relationship experts are here to help you meet your new boo. [SOUND] Plus, a special performance from rising R&B star Drew Vision. But right now, it's the Hot List. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [SOUND] Now, did you hear what Snoop Dogg said? The rapper may have been drinking just a little bit too much gin and juice when he posted this video statement to Instagram about the remake of Roots. They going to just keep beating that **** into our heads, of how they did us? [MUSIC] I mean I don't understand America. They just wanna just keep showing the abuse that we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago. But, guess what? We taking the same abuse. Think about that part. When y'all gonna make a mother [BLEEP] series about the success than black folks is having? The only success we have is Roots and 12 Years a Slave and [BLEEP] like that? [MUSIC] [NOISE] y'all I ain't watching that [NOISE] and I advise you [NOISE] as real [NOISE] like myself, [NOISE] them television shows. Well damn, Snoop tell us how you really feel. So if you won't speak about it you should be about it, what you putting out there? Anyway, what do you think, are you over all of the slave movies like Snoop or are you, your grandmamma and your kids all glued to the couch watching Roots? We're live on Facebook, so let us know in the comments section, or use the hashtag essencelive. [SOUND] Listen. We are just as tired of Stacy Dash news as you are. But, Since she's finally giving us some insight into her crazy, thinking we're going to talk about it. Just a little bit. Just this one time. All right. Roll with me on this one. In a new memoir, the actress and Fox News commentator finally explains those BET and Black history month comments and says she became such a staunch conservative due in part to her rough upbringing, being raped at a young age, and past drug addiction. She told People Magazine, when you get stuff for free, you have no self-worth, when you have no self-worth, you become depressed, addicted, and either abused or an abuser. This is what perpetuates the cycle of violence in inner cities. We don't need free stuff. We need opportunities. Hm this is interesting. Do you agree with Stacey? Or is her black card revoked? Forever. Okay Essence Live, let's be honest, how many of you were shocked when you found out the mother of the boy who fell into the gorilla habitat at the Cincinnati zoo was black? And the story just keeps going. A witness at the zoo says she heard the boy ask his mother if he could go into the water before For a hand. And although countless wildlife experts have said the zoo made the right decision by killing the gorilla to protect the boy, people are still coming for the mother on social media. Now, the parents are under review by the Cincinnati police. And for some reason the Daily Mail mentioned the father's criminal past in their tory of the incident. I'm not really sure what that has to do with anything but anyway, let's talk about it. We're live on Facebook and and we, of course, want your comments. It's Thursday, June 2nd, and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Welcome to Essence Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. Hey, Facebook fam, if this is your first time with us, welcome to the best damn digital talk show around. You can watch us every Thursday at 4PM Eastern on and now, on Facebook too. I'm going to talk with actress Tiana Perry shortly, but first First I want to hear from you. Hit us up on social media, any time using the hashtag essence live or email us at If you ever want to call us in the show. All right, so we are live on Facebook and my girl Kayla is back in studio. Hey Kayla. Hey. All right, we got a lot of hot things going on in that hot list, what are the folks saying on Facebook? Couple of things. People are letting Stacey Dash have it. Denise Brown on Facebook said, girl, you're a day late and dollar short with this clarification. Your black card is permanently revoked, must have fallen on hard times and wanna come back with us, denied. Jackie Green-Mathis says, Essence, why the hell are you putting this woman who hates her brown skin in your stories? No, just no. Okay, well, day late and a dollar short. Well, I mean, I guess any explanation is better than no explanation. True. I don't know. True, true. Anybody say anything on Snoop Dogg or the gorilla versus the mom story? Yes. People are sort of confused. They don't really know where he's coming from now with that comment, but we have one person here who says, Spider Man, interesting. Unfortunately there are many people black and white who fail to understand what slavery involved. For instance, good old Ben Carson says slavery was a good thing for blacks. Shaking my head. I must have missed that Ben Carson moment. Okay. That's what he said. All right, did anyone say anything about the mother being black made them more sympathetic to her or was it just like the shocker for everyone because when I saw that my mouth was like, I don't know what to say. Definitely, lots of comments on Twitter regarding The mom and people not really being on supportive. At zero dark 26 the gorilla didn't look like she would harm the child. Bad parenting on the mom watch your children closely especially in public. The truth teller. You all really need to step up your Dot, just because people wish the gorilla didn't have to be killed, does not mean that they care more about it. Okay, all right, understandable. All right, so I'm gonna be checking back in with you Kayla,>>Okay.>>In just a few more moments. Now in the studio with me, is a woman who we all absolutely love. Joining us back on the sofas if you will, you know her from [UNKNOWN], Survivor's Remorse, and her recent debut as an Essence covergirl. But her latest role has her playing real life R&B diva Mickey Howard in a new TV one movie. Social media fam, get your questions ready and help us welcome Teyonah Parris back to Essence live. You look absolutely stunning, how are you? So good. How you doing? I'm doing fabulous. I know you were shocked about that gorilla story too girl. Okay. You know what I feel so bad for the kid that's very traumatic. And also the gorilla I mean nobody wanted to see the gorilla die. Nobody wanted to see that happen. We can get into that in a moment. Okay. On a more positive note, let's talk Mickey Howard. What. Why Mickey and what made you want to be a part of this film? I read the script and I you know I knew Mickey Howard's music. Right. But I did not know the story of her life. And reading this script, [MUSIC] there is so much that she has gone through, I mean you have. From spousal abuse, mental abuse, drug abuse. You have extreme highs when she was at the height of her career and then you have these extreme lows. And it's really her life is everything a movie is made of and we have so much in this film and we cover from her being 15 and kicked out and homeless. Wow. All the way to mid-thirties, late-thirties. And. That doesn't even scratch the surface. But there is so much there. Did you get a chance to meet with Miki beforehand? This whole process happened really quickly, so I got the script and I had maybe two weeks, two and a half weeks before we actually started production. Wow. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, so I had a crash course of Miki Howard love She is such an amazing person, first of all we all know her talent, which is beyond, but as a human being, she is so loving, she's so lovable, and really getting to know her, since there wasn't much time, I had to make sure I at least captured her essence. At essence. No pun intended. Yeah no pun intended. But we'll take it. Yes, so that was really my goal, and she was so open and and she gave me, it was a little, you never know how someone is going to react to. Right. Especially what we had to do. Mm-hm. Reliving those moments, and I. I was so grateful that she really gave me the permission to go there. She said go, go further, you can do it and not be embarrassed or feel guilty that I'm making her relive this. It's a story that she once told. It's a story that I wanna share, because it's really a story of redemption and perseverance through the hard times, and she doesn't fall once or twice or even fall, but she She has to pick herself up and figure out who she is multiple times and I think its really going to inspire people, I can't wait to see that because sometimes we get so stuck in the valleys if you will, that we don't you know, try to get back to the peak. But I love seeing those story arches. Now there's been quite a few remakes of singers, from Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Alyaha They're received some pretty harsh criticisms. Were you nervous about taking on this type of project? First of all, I enjoyed some of those films. I'm always Always nervous taking on any project. And then the fact that this woman is still alive and she's going to watch and she's going to judge what I do. It doesn't even matter what anyone else does or says. This is her life and she's there on set Watching. Right. In a part. Hey Tee. Right. But she wasn't that person, and that's what made it so much easier to just dive in and go for it. But so yeah, of course, I was nervous and like I. And then just the material itself, I want to do A thorough job telling this story, this womens' story, but a story that's so necessary to share. I think it's gonna help people heal, I think it's gonna bring up a lot of topics that we as a community sometimes- Won't talk about. Right. Won't talk about. So, I It's kinda that same feeling I felt with Chi-Raq where people are gonna have very strong opinions about what we're doing and what we're saying. But at the heart of it I know that there are people who need to hear this and who would benefit from hearing it and who will actually by healed from it. So- And that's what most important. Yes, to me, for sure.>> As an artist, I can imagine that's what you want to do. Are you ready to take on some fan questions? Okay, yes, sure. All right, here we go. Okay, Kayla, what's our first question that you have for Teyonah? Maria from Jacksonville wants to know who does your hair? Hey Maria. Today, I did it. I woke up early and did my hair. But generally, some of the hairstyles that I know gets a lot of attention, one from the SAG awards, Felicia Leatherwood did that one, Dorico Jackson, I work with him a lot, Sparkles Clark. I've been blessed to work with some people, some amazing hands. Do you feel like any backlash sometimes for being natural in Hollywood? Or is it a new dawn a new day so it's not really an issue. I wouldn't say backlash. I mean, people can not like it, but. I'm not, I don't care [CROSSTALK] to say, is that awful thing to say? No, no, that's not an awful thing to say. You're just comfortable with who you are, and that's a beautiful thing. Right, and that, it took a journey to get there. It's not like I just woke up one day with my natural hair like yes girl hey. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. No. But today I woke up like, hey girl hey.>>Yeah and you look fabulous.>>Thank you.>>All right Kayla what's another question you have for us.>>Okay. People are also showing you love. Mahateya Kakumba says, I can't wait to see your movie. Denise King says, Rocky my fashionista and naturally sister. Olympia Tazelle wants to know when your movie So [INAUDIBLE] Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story comes out June 12th on TV One. We're really excited, it's TV One's first biopic from their Unsung Series. Mickey Howard had one of the highest rated episodes. Right, I saw that. Highest rated episodes, and they decided to make a movie out of it, so. Now I have a question for you. Yes? Do you sing? Now.>>Okay>>Oh. The question was do I sing? Yes! Can I sing? No. Not at all. I lived out all my singing superstar dreams while filming this movie. They're running play back super loud so they can stop hearing me.>>It's okay.>>Underneath. But I'm like, y'all gonna hear me today.>>It's okay girl. But thank you so much for being your fabulous energy. It's always a pleasure to have you here.>>Thank you Dana.>>On Essence Live. And of course, if we didn't get to your question, no worries, Tiana i gonna stick around after the show for another Facebook Live chat with our Essence editors. And you can see her in Love Under New Management, the Mickey Howard Story, June 12th on TV One. Coming up, I'm going to do a freestyle battle. With Essence festival performer Common, and we've got a panel of experts here to help you get a new boo thang. Or just fix the relationship you're currently in. But right now, Essence festival performer [UNKNOWN] reveals which of their songs was inspired by a little sister. We are [UNKNOWN]. This is my music. My life. Begin is our first album. This one song called Little Dreamer, my little sister she was the person to inspire the whole idea of it. [MUSIC] I just was just watching her grow up so fast. So to kind of see what it's like to be your purest self, when your little and you're not thinking about anything. And then you see what like manifests out of that like. It's an emotional song and I like I remember I finishing the vocals the day before. I turned 25, and I was like, freaking out. It's the only song that I've ever, heard the lyrics in my head and just said them, and knew what they were, and I was taking a shower. And it was just very free. We wanted to make something that was like a reminder of staying true To your kind of inner child and inner joy. Life is so magical and it's such a blessing that we even get to have it, so it's just kind of that reminder of never doubt your path, because everything's an experience and it's all magical. [MUSIC] Hey guys I'm Alexandra Shipp and I play Storm in X-Men Apocalypse. You should watch X-Men because the visual effects are insanity. This Storm is a completely different Storm than what we've seen before. She is Currently bad guy. Which is really fun to play. And I'm such a fun of the franchise and this movie is definitely made to fans. I'm Alexandra Shipp. You are watching Essence Live and it's alive. [MUSIC] Hey hey Essence Live I'm Dana Blair, and you may or may not have heard of this rapper named Common. Well you know that he's super talented and he's going to be at the Essence festival 4th of July weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana, but I had the chance of catching up with him a little bit earlier this week to discuss his music And of course have a little rap battle, check it out. Hey, hey what's up Dana. Welcome, you know I'm just warming up We love you and you know we love you, and we also that you are a world class free styler, so want to put you to a test. I am going to join in too. Yes. What we are going to do is put some images on the screen and we'll do a quick freestyle about the image. Seems pretty easy. We'll just go back and forth until the time runs out. Okay. You ready? Yes, I'm ready. Okay. Drop the music please. One, two, yo, you always got flows. Looking at my man, his name is D. Rose. You know how it shows, the style is sort of free. When it comes to free style, I'm the MVP, that's how it is. Yo you can follow me and ??, we both from Chicago. Sounds easy. Ninja, I am going to slay the rhymes like a ninja figure. I may not win this, I am from Louisiana not Chicago, this is what i want you all to know, how we roll. Super Bowl [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] ice cold what? I don't even have to say anything else. [NOISE] Yo check it out, I'm not only here to entertain I come off the brain, when my train of thought is sorta like this train, this is how it is yo, I'm saying what I feel, I was rocking that train all hell on wheels, that was in 1800 Yo I get a dolphin, I get a dolphin. Yo Dana gonna keep coughing, trying to disturb me, but still my words be, just like that train sort of dirty. Early that's how it is, Come since I the rhyming wiz. Look at the candle. I see the sand for the kids. That's my turn. I was traveling, [MUSIC] That's all I got. That's all I got. [MUSIC] I get the going off the head like Riley, that's how it is, yo to always love the kids, calm cause I've been in this biz for a long time, but still I love the style. I can freestyle just like I was a child, so I ain't in a hurry. My style is never blurry. I got the shot off like my man Curry. We step back step back. What can I do when I rap rap. Constance I love girls jet black. That's how it is that's why I got the presses. You're gonna see me rocking' at the show called Essence. They gonna learn their lessons about their stair. Coming off the top with no hair Dana Blair. Plus it's Constance you know I'm so rare. They said the freestyle battle [MUSIC] That's not what is. Me and her are like a team. Wow. I like that flow. My shoes, my hair, that's what I'm gonna use on my Tinder profile, because people ask me about this all the time. I'm toasted, toastin'. That's the end. Yo, whatever toast, don't ever boast. Yeah, Dana got toast. [MUSIC] Like a little bread that's what's said, don't challenge me when it comes to off the head, but that's okay, com says to keep running, a different type of style got love for the black woman, so I can let you know why I'm coming down for girls, I wrote a rhyme called if the women ruled the world, well really. It's me sober. It's called the women took over.>>I feel like Common got bars. Cala got keys. I'm gonna learn how to do this whole sneeze. Blowing off the top of the dome. I'm going home. New Orleans, Louisiana going to the super dome. Watching my man Common [MUSIC] Buy a ticket this girl, I think that one's for you Common [LAUGH] Yeah, check it out y'all I know you see that. It ain't all for certain, I'm looking right now at that girl Serena twerkin', she puttin' it to workin' Doing her thing, when it come to that girl she's a black queen, so what what can we do yo, yo throw up the dub, i guess its all there cuz the girls showing love, so its like this yo she's never afraid that's why she's rocking that joint [MUSIC] [SOUND] We got the buzzer. I'm going to stick to talking and doing marketing proposals. Because that's my lane. I have to bow down to you. But you didn't have to nod when I said that's my lane or your lane. You didn't have to nod just now when I said that. You didn't have to nod, I'm just saying. We fill her in truthful But thank you so much. High five. Thank you. For being such a good sport. As I mentioned your performing at the Essence festival this year. What can we expect from your show. Man, I had so many great experiences at the Essence Festival. So this year I just got to take it up a notch. We got to take it up, we go get it. I mean, I'm excited because it's always a super dope crowd there and now I'm bringing more people, more band, more music. I got new music that I'm releasing soon. So I'll be performing some of that too. Nice, thanks And, man, I'm just looking forward to what we go create. It's just going to be fun. Can you tell me a little bit about the new music. Who can we expect, making maybe a cameo? Well, the new project is called, Little Chicago Boy. And it's a social, political, love, It's passion and it's just inspired music. I have John Legend and I did a song of course. But the Internet, Anderson Pac, Stevie Wonder and I did a song- Wow. Called Black America Again. And it's really like I'm talking about it- How did that collaboration come about with Stevie Wonder? Well, I just, I wrote the song, and I, Stevie and I have been talking about creating something together. And I asked him would he do something on this particular song. It's not like he's the hook or anything on the song. Mm-Hm. It's like he sings at the end of it and he just kinda sums up what what I rapped about cause the song is really like, it's really like black America again. It's saying something about what we go through as black people. [SOUND] Now, I know I was a little out of breath for that, but I'm a host, not a rapper, so don't y'all come for me on social media. Kayla, what's going on Facebook? People are showing you love and showing Common love. [UNKNOWN] says [UNKNOWN]. And Charlotte says tear it up, Common. And a couple of people are on Twitter as well. Tracy said I wish I could rap like Common. And Trina says Common, say my name, baby. [SOUND] [LAUGH] Okay there, Trina. A little spicy. All right, well Trina, tell us how you really feel. I mean, Paula gave me some love. Thank you, Paula, for recognizing that rapping's not my forte, but hosting is. Thank you, Paula. Alright, so, Kayla, we're gonna check back with you in a few, remember you can catch common 4th of July week at Essence Festival in New Orleans. Tickets are on sale right now at And now, we are taking your love and relationship questions. Now that the weather is heating up, are you looking for a new bae, or two, or three? Or, you're already in a relationship and you need help bringing the fire back? Well, our love and relationship experts are here to help. Joining me now in studio, Lifestyle & Relationships Editor Charli Penn. Hey boo. Hey boo, hey. Back again, life coach Abiola Abrams Hello luvs And our token, regular shmegular degular dude providing a male point of view SI wire host Tony Anderson. Hey Dana La da. Ok you are watching us live on Facebook. We're taking your questions so leave them in the comments section. But we'll also hit the New York City streets to see what our biggest love issues are. Let's roll our first video question. Hi, my name is Dominique and I have a few questions about liars when dating. I find that the lie whether in person or via text. They'll lie about where they're at or how many kids they have. So, my question is, how do we find out whether someone is a liar before we take it too far in the relationship? I have my own personal thoughts on this, but who wants to take this one? [NOISE] [CROSSTALK] No one wants to go first on that. I know, there's so much. [CROSSTALK] Tony, go ahead. Go ahead. I'm not one of the ladies. Ladies first. I will start. I will start. Please do. Okay. So, first of all, I just wanted to shout out that sister, the struggle is real. I can feel it. Like her energy was like how can I tell that these lying **** dudes are lying. So the first thing that you wanna do. Dating starts with your attitude, right? So you wanna go into it with a positive attitude not expecting that everyone out there is a liar, cheater and all of that stuff. The second thing is that you wanna do you due diligence. If they are available all hours of the day and claiming they're a CEO they may be lying. There are some apps Depending on how suspicious you are in your life that you could do, there's one named is he married [CROSSTALK] or something like that where you could do a little background check or something like that. Just a little cursory background check Little something something. to see what's going on. Just do a little due diligence. You know what, my favorite thing is "trust, but verify">>Okay, Tony you have a quick comment?>>I was just going to say, everybody lies. So you can't just figure out who do lie who don't lie? You got to do what works best for you- Verify. I like what you said, trust and verify. Everybody lie. Everybody, sometime's a lie is a good thing. What's our next question? Hi, my name is Tamara and I'm from Jersey. I've been approached by married men several times. How can you actually tell that a man is single. Hit it Charli. I'll tell you. My husband, I know where he is. His ring is on, okay? You'll see the suntan line, okay? If you see a tan line on the ring finger, he's married. If you can't access him in the evenings after 8 O'clock He's married. You know what I mean? He's having dinner with his wife. If you've been dating for three months. He's in bed with three wife. Six months and you've never been to his apartment. He's married. He's married. He's married. Okay, and if he doesn't text or call you right back and never answers your phone calls on the first try he's married. Tony. Listen, I plead the fifth on this one. [LAUGH] Tony you got [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] You're not gonna have me break the man code in here, you all just gave them- Well you know what, Tony's not married yet- I'm not. So we'll forgive him, but he may be, you know him, you know how married folks are. But he's still in some kind of bro code because you know- But you know that's true though, the male pack, they don't rat each other out, they're not that bright collectively, however they do not rat each other out. If you pay attention Attention. They'll tell you everything that you need to know. But I will say you ladies hit it on the head and that's all I'm gonna say. Thank you. Uh-oh. I'm not saying anything else. I plead the fifth. What's our next question? Bring it on. Hi my name is Monica, I'm from New York. And my question is how to create a profile on a dating website? That allows you to seem interesting and outgoing and intelligent without promoting any unwanted advance.>>Well don't do the duck lips.>>Okay.>>Or the cleavage boost thing.>>And here's the thing for that, you can use just about any social networking platform as a dating thing. It could be Instagram, it could be Twitter, it could be whatever. Because I know I can check some ladies out. You can never only have the guys you want and not the ones you don't. It doesn't work that way. You gonna kiss some ugly guys, what is it? Some frogs. Some frogs to get to the prince or whatever the case is. So go through you DMs and swipe right for the ones you want, even though it's not Tinder. Swipe left for the ones you don't. And swipe right for the ones you don't. Post some pictures of things that you're doing. You're in the gym working out. And whatever you portray, that's is what you're going to get. So if you're half naked, not that there's anything wrong it, that's the kind of guy you're gonna get. And if you want a super church going dude, then post a picture with you and the bible, and that's probably what you're going to get. You get what you, you attract what you put out there. And there's nothing wrong with a little intrigue, you know like maybe you wanna just show off your tattoo or what your shirt says or your earring, you know you can be creative with your profile image, show off something about you instead of a part of you. That you feel as a positive. Obviously yes. And make sure that your pictures are current, like don't have your pictures be like five years old, 10 years old [LAUGH] you know whatever, make sure your pictures are kind of Current. Yes please. Make sure that your pictures are cute, and don't have like those pictures with you and like five of your girlfriends, and he's like which one is it? [CROSSTALK] Please don't be bitter ladies, please don't do that [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK] For one more question, I want to make sure I get this viewer's question in. Let's see our next question. Hi, I'm Shante, I'm from Brooklyn. So, in the workspace I'm around a lot of single guys. I just want advice on how I would approach someone that I'm interested in, but keeping it professional. Let me take this. Do you mind if I take this? Go ahead, go ahead. Sister! Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't dip your pen in company ink. Yeah, don't do it. [CROSSTALK] It could go all wrong, because if it goes great, Cool but if it goes wrong and you gotta see them every day at work. She's stealing your stapler, your highlight, [CROSSTALK] I agree with Tony just a smidge, I feel like you can make a move if you really feel a connection but you don't need to do it in the office. You need to ask them to join you after hours, somewhere else and see if there's a real connection.>> I'm gonna give- But if you see any red flags, I think you might need to run early. I don't know Charlie, I'm gonna give advice in-between the two. Okay, okay. You don't want to say, meet me after work or whatever and it's your boss or whoever and then now they're prosecuting you for sexual harassment. [LAUGH] You don't want. Want to do that. So the way to do it, is just let it be known generally that you're available, and looking. Be lightly flirtatious, but keep it clean, keep it professional. Most people do meet their significant other in the workplace. They really do! So you don't want to just shut that off completely. Okay, hold on, hold on. I'm gonna have to put a pin Pen in this one for a quick second, so we can reach out to our Facebook family. Kayla, what are they saying about all of this? Lots of funny comments: Tammy Fraser says, excellent relationship nuggets. Juliet Romeo Johnson says in response to whether you know he's lying or not, if he always eats before you go on a date. If he always what? [LAUGH] Before you go on a date. Stop it. Tiffany Rucker says Tony I am mad at your man code [LAUGH] Shade, shade. Lots of funny comments coming in guys. All right. I can't even deal with you all, okay we're gonna have to stick around because our show is gonna have a lot more activity. Yes. I would like to thank all of you for joining us. And that excellent advise except for Tony. Coming up a very special performance from rising R&B artist Drew Vision. Speaking of dating in a workplace. Plus, it's our black girl magic moment of the week. Is there a black woman or girl who did the damn thing this week? Let us know in the comment section on our Facebook page right now. Or by using the hashtag #EssenceLive. All right, right now, Money and Violence star Brittany Chance tells us why balancing two jobs and motherhood makes her an Essence Woman. I am Brittany Angelica Chance. I am a teacher. I am a mother. I am an actor. I am essence. I'm from Brooklyn New York. My family is from the Caribbean. So, when I first graduated from Temple University, I came back home, and I declared I was a full-time actor. My parents had a fit. My 9-to-5… [UNKNOWN] Is teaching. I work for the High School for Global Citizenship in Brooklyn, New York. It was very important for me to work in the neighborhood that I'm from because I'm a life teacher. No matter what subject it is that I'm teaching my students, I'm a life teacher first. I know very well that there's more going in the room on besides fraction and mixed numbers. My students are people first. They know that I'm coming from a place of love every time I speak to them. To them. After my nine to five of teaching, then I go on to my acting classes or whatever gig that it is that I have. The decision to really pay more attention to my acting career, that was not the easy decision for me. But I recognize that it was not enough to tell my students hey you can do whatever you want. You can follow your dreams. I really had to show them. [SOUND] Everyday I would say I'm going to be money and violence, I'm going to be money and violence. I could not stand watching a show where it's set in the hood, and people sound like the stereotypical what they think people from the hood sounds like. And so that's why really money and violence stood out to me in the first place. One of my very good friends she plays Jessica on the show. She contacted me Contacted me and tell me there's a spot. I thought it was just going to be one episode and at the end of that scene, they told me, ok, you're going to be in the next episode. And then at the end of that one, they're like, you're going to be in the next. I had no clue that I was going to be in for the rest of the season. It's important to me for my son to also see everything that I'm doing. You can be multiple things. You don't have to choose. I have seen him respond that way to someone when they say, what do you want to be when you grow up? And he's like, an actor, a director and a doctor. And they're like, all those? Well, which one? And he's like, I don't have to choose one. I was like, yes. And I'm still at a point now, where I'm still trying to figure out how am I going to leave my mark. Yes, I teach but on a grander scale, how am I going to leave my mark? Once I had that platform as an actor, I felt there's great responsibility to give back, in a stronger way. I am resilient, I am loving. I am Brittany Angelica Chase. I am essence. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair. And It's now time for our Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week. This week's solute goes to our girl Issa Rae who finally got a release date for her long Long-awaited HBO series Insecure. Insecure debuts this fall, and it's based Isa's successful, say that three times fast, successful web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. Congratulations Isa. Remember, you can watch Essence's original Black Girl Magic documentaries at All right, before we go I want to check in one more time with my girl Kayla. What's going on what are the folks saying in Face, on Facebook. Facebook, they're still chiming in on the hotlist people have lots to say about that, so back to the gorilla story. Tawana Finer says tell the stars to chime in on all the murders in Chicago, a dang gone gorilla, really world? And back on Twitter, at Saucy Sista, the thing is the gorilla was dragging the child around and can crush a coconut with bare hands. Too risky and unfortunate. Essence tweeted, why are more people concerned about a rare gorilla than a child and at 804 street media he says, because the child wasn't white. Tell us how you really feel, Facebook family. Thank you again, Kayla. You can holler at us any time using the hashtag #Essencelive or by emailing us at At Thank you so much to Tiara Paris, Common, and our loving relationship experts for coming through. If you missed any of it, guess what? You can watch the replay immediately after the show on And remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you never miss a thing. And why would you wanna miss this show? Closing things out this week, Is rising R&B star Dru Vision whose music will be available on Sound Cloud on Monday. Here he is performing his new song Rhythm and Blues. I'm your host Dana Blair and I'll see you next time. [MUSIC] Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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