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[SOUND] [MUSIC] It just felt like a real high-fashion shoe. [MUSIC] My most favorite moment was definitely the Maserati. I think I wanna get a Maserati. I like the Ferragamo, the red with the cape, cuz it was drama. I also liked the black Christian Siriano cape, and that [UNKNOWN] with the two slits. You know what? Every outfit was And this face beat and this hair, like, I wanna go out tonight. [MUSIC] For Cookie, what you can expect is her fashion is gonna be taken to an, a whole another level. Like, when you first meet her, she's kinda 17 years, behind the curve. She has to find her footing in the fashion game. Well, she got it. Now, it's like [INAUDIBLE]. Also a lot of flashbacks of what her life was like when she was in prison. You'll get to see her great at what she does. You know, starting from nothing and building. That's all I can say. [UNKNOWN] When you see it, you'll be like aw, I know what she meant. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Lip gloss. Lover. Staying home. French fries. Sweet. Wine. Dinner. Ice Cream. Coffee. Both. Both. Basketball. Neither one. Car. [MUSIC] Flats. Bowling. Skating. Both. [NOISE] Christmas. Dog. Tats. Both. Cake. [MUSIC] No. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Hamburgers. [MUSIC] Dresses. [MUSIC] Call. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Cookie. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

Cookie or Yvette?: Taraji P. Henson Plays 'This or That'

The Empire star and ESSENCE November cover queen doesn't shy away from spilling her gut reaction to a series of choices, right down to the tossup between her two most iconic roles.