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[MUSIC], I'm here with Tank and Megan Broadnax, the winner of the Your My Star Search that we was running in as a from May to June. How are you Megan? I am amazing, like, that word is an understatement. I just feel so great. I feel free. And, I'm with my favorite artist so, what better feeling? Now, Tank, what was it about Megan that made you pick her out all the great singers that were in the You Are My Star contest? Well, for me, beside the fact that she's vocally insane. Her spirit, her spirit came through her videos. You know at the end of every, every one of her videos, she smiled and she said thank you so much for considering my video, for even watching it and that's, that humbleness and that humility going along with her beast mode that she can kick into. I, I thought she was just a shoe-in to be on stage and have a good time to me, her, we have like spirits. I love here. Just got off stage, like he said she's amazing. You did amazing. You were a natural, like, I could not tell that you were nervous. So what was it about you that made you so comfortable on stage with Tank tonight? Like in front of all those people in the Superdome in New Orleans. I would say what made me comfortable was the fact that I met Tank before hand and I feel like we're musically connected. Which is like he said we have like experience and though I was nervous at first it went away because he made me feel so comfortable. All of Essence's whole team. They just gave me a feeling that I knew everything was gonna be all right once I got on the stage. Okay. Now on stage you all did the Nay nay. So we're gonna do the Nay nay real quick before we get out of here all right? Okay. Okay one, two, three. Ooh [LAUGH]

Tank on His "You're My Star" Competition

Tank talks about why he selected his "You're My Star" winner.