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[MUSIC] So the great news of course of this weekend and congratulations to Tamar, you are nominated for best R&B performance category. Thank you. How did it feel? It feels amazing. When my album came out, I couldn't support it because I got sick. Right. All of a sudden I just I'm just very excited and just honored that the Academy decided to nominate me, especially for best performance. That means I really [UNKNOWN] my face off. Yes, you did. Now, you already have your look together. I do not. I do not. Now, when is that process gonna take place? My god, it's been a process for like two weeks now. [LAUGH] So, how do you pick? What do you do? I don't know, I'm very indecisive. I probably will pick the day of because I'm really, I know I mean, I have some good choices, I just don't know what I'm feeling yet. Whenever you pick the outfit, do you stand in the mirror and practice your poses?>> It's a feeling.>> It's a feeling. It's a vibe. Yeah. Now when you're sitting in the audience and they call out the name, and you're waiting to hear if you've won or not, what goes through your head? Nothing. Nothing. Like the last time, nothing. Mm-hm. It was just like, first of all I didn't really know that it was real. [LAUGH] And I probably would have the same feeling, like where am I? What happened? That's something that I pray to God never gets old to me. I hope that that new feeling will always be for me. Now, I wanna hear some Grammy predictions. From you. Okay, okay. So, the biggest award of the night, Album of the Year, this year's nominees are; Sound in Color by Alabama Shakes, To **** a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar, Traveller Chris Stapleton, 1989 Taylor Swift, and Beauty Behind the Madness the Weekend. My god. That's so hard. I mean they really got that nomination. Right. Who do you think's taking it? My goodness. [BLANK_AUDIO] My gut tells me Taylor Swift. Tay Tay- Mm-hm. Miss Swift. And, yeah, it's- I really enjoyed that album. First of all, I'm a Swifter. You're a Swifter? What? My friend Amale made me a Swifter. Really? She made me a Swifter. Amazing, amazing, okay. [SOUND] Tay Swift.

Tamar Braxton Reveals Her Surprising Grammy Predicitons

Tamar Braxton is pretty clear on who she thinks will take home a grammy for Album of The Year award. Take a look at her surprising prediction here!