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[NOISE] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Dana Blaze, Essence Live and I am here in Nola one of my favorite restaurants, Restaurant Revolution. Fabulous one, So much cuisine that is authentic to Louisiana that you can't find anywhere else. Let's go inside and check it out. [MUSIC] Hi, Molly. How are you? I'm doing well. It's such a pleasure to be here. Very nice to meet you. Molly is the wine director and expert of all things fabulous here at Restaurant Revolution. Thank you so much for having us. It is our pleasure. You're gonna take us on a little tour today? I am going to give you a tour of the restaurant, absolutely. But I'd like to begin by offering you a glass of champagne. I never turn down champagne. [UNKNOWN] from Chuhey that's a [UNKNOWN]. Ooh! Equal parts chardonnay and pinot noir. How many different types of champagne and wine do we have here at Revolution? We have 1800 different selections. Just one or two. Just one or two. Just one or two. On behalf of Joffles and Jefferman we welcome you. This is amazing. How do you like it? This is good. The color is perfect and it matches my outfit, naturally. It sure does. This is amazing. I'm so glad you like it. Okay, I'm so excited, where do we start next? I think we should start here, we're gonna step into, it's called the parlor, actually the story build parlor. [MUSIC] Now you have many different rooms here and each one has a theme? It does. This room is very unique. It actually is fashioned after what a parlor would have been in Creole mansion. So it's the only room with table cloths. So each mural actually depicts the seven nations of Creole. And that's a whole focus, we want to be very New Orleans and pay homage to the history and The preciousness of New Orleans and the restaurant culture. One more extra step that we take here at Restaurant Revolution to make sure that the guest has the best experience. And shall we head into the market rooms? [CROSSTALK] Yes! I've been watching this room, I can't wait. This room excites me because in my head, I'm a master chef. In my head. Do a lot of your clientele request this room because to me this is my favorite space thus far. You know it's very interesting because so many people request different aspects of the restaurant which is very exciting. I love it. This is our communal table. Mm-hm. So it's communal dining. Everybody sits side by side. And this actually a table that came from the show Axe Men and is super [UNKNOWN] Really? That's fun. Approximately, give or take, 1,000 years old. No way, and it's one solid piece of wood? Mm-hm, to me this is the best seat, or the favorite seat in the house. I think so too. This, I wanna sit right here. And a lot of people actually request. Absolutely stunning.>> Where should we head next?>>I'm ready to go to the winery. That's like my favorite thing in the world.>>Laughs.>>I'm so excited. You said 1800 varieties? I absolutely could not wait to come into. This is like heaven. This is like wine heaven. Kind of like a wine library. It's a wine library. 1946, 85, 68, 1905. 1905 All by the glass. Does that say 1863? It does, yes. Really beautiful.>> Thank you. Absolutely stunning, and so impressive. So one last thing I really wanted to talk about. Sure. Was this bottle here. So this is special for a couple of reasons. So it's Chateau d'Yquem. It's a Sauternes, that's a dessert wine from Bordeaux and it's vintage 1921. So this was actually bottled during World War I and it was bottled in Belgium because the war was going on. So this is one of the, [UNKNOWN] Bottled. And Michael Benton calls it one of the top 100 wines. All time. Not only does it taste really great, but there's so much history right here. That is awesome. So wanted to be sure and share the beverage side of the history because it's so important to- Of course. And And really, it's important to pay that homage to the city of New Orleans and how important New Orleans is. I mean the je ne sais quoi that's here You mourn, you grieve, you celebrate [INAUDIBLE]. Everything happens at the table. And one last I think we should head this way, I introduce you to chef Jana. Yes. Alright, we'll head this way. All about the food. [MUSIC] Hi Jana. Hi. Very nice to meet you. It's a pleasure to meet you. And you're the chef here? Yes ma'am. The cuisine here at Restaurant Revolution in New Orleans.>>So on an average night, how far in advance before service are you and your team here preparing?>>We've actually got a guy here cooking breakfast who has to be here at 4:00 A.M. And then we're here up until 1:00 or 2:00 A.M in the morning.>>About how many entrees do you guys serve a night?>>On the weekends, we'll do 300 Yeah. I could barely get my life together. You have to also consider, most of the people who are coming into this restaurant, they're not just having entree, they're having several courses. Right, whole experiences. They're having appetizers, pasta mid courses. So, when people come to Revolution, they're not just here for the food, they're here for the For the entire dining experience I just love seeing the passion in your eyes for what you do and of course I love girl power so I'm super excited. You're also going be showing us a little something something in the kitchen? I am, why don't we head out to the demo station area and market room and I'm going to do a little. Barbecue shrimp. Yes. I'm very excited. Wait, is this something I can try to do at home? God, absolutely it's so simple. Okay, okay, okay. It's time to eat. [MUSIC] All right. So, you ready? We're gonna do a little what we like to call our naked barbecue shrimp. And what's so special about this barbecue shrimp is you can't find it anywhere's else. [INAUDIBLE] New Orleans, and the best is of course a revolution. Absolutely, you can't find any better. I'm going to do a little cornmeal dusted fried shrimp, I'm going to toss them in the barbecue Worcestershire butter sauce and serve it over some grilled French bread. We like to serve it with the heads on, this is how you know you have a truly fresh shrimp when the heads are on, it's very nice. So to get stared, I'm going to add my shrimp shells, this is where all the flavor is going to come from. The, The show. Barbecue shrimp. V ingredients. Garlic, lemon, Worcestershire, of course rosemary, and a ton of cracked black pepper. All of this sounds like music to my ear. A little shrimp stock. With all the herbs, and spices. Adding the rosemary. The cracked black pepper. And the most important ingredient being, the [UNKNOWN] sauce. This is where all that nice acidity comes from. So we're gonna let this simmer. So over here, I've got my fryer. I'm gonna start getting my shrimp roll in. So essentially, all you need is just a pot of some vegetable oil. These are my shrimp, these just came in this morning. Gonna season these. Little salt, pepper, garlic powder And a little cayenne for a little spice. Yeah, we can kick. Here I have my already seasoned prepared corn flour. So I'm gonna dredge these very well, just lightly coated, and then I'm gonna drop them in my fryer just like that. So we have our sauce simmering over there, it's just about ready. What we're gonna do now, we're gonna puree everything together. Now I'm gonna add the Abita Amber Beer, the beer is a very large part of the barbecue shrimp as well. Let that soften up just a bit more, my shrimp, they look like they're ready, they're golden brown, they're floating here. So when they start to float, that's when you know they're ready? Yes, ma'am. Smells delicious. It smells amazing. All right now back to our barbecue sauce baste. And so this blender here. You're gonna save space. All right, gonna add my cream. This is about two cups of cream. Going in though, the cream is really gonna give a nice richness, and help emulsify the sauce, when we start adding the butter, so that it doesn't break on So Chef Janet, to some it might seem really strange to blend the shells. Why do you do that? I'm pureeing the shrimp to add that depth, that level of shrimpy flavor, that sweetness that you find in the heads, in the shells themselves that you won't find when you just remove them. [BLANK_AUDIO] Just taking the excess shell Our spices that didn't blend entirely. So while this is going I've got some already prepared sauce over here. We're going to let that warm up and I'm gonna start whisking in this butter and it's going to naturally start to thicken from all the butter we're adding. So what I like to do is I like to take my shrimp as soon as they come out of the fryer. Put them in a bowl, toss in a little bit of this barbecue sauce so they get nice and coated. [MUSIC] A little fresh chopped parsley, so we already grilled off some French bread, we can do that to order, make sure it's nice and warm. We're gonna put this on the bottom, place our shrimp right on top here, [MUSIC] Mama. Cooked pretty quickly. Yeah, it really doesn't take terribly long. I mean, you saw that, I just did that from scratch. Yeah. And like you have mentioned it doesn't even take that long. You can do it at home [MUSIC] I can have all of this? That is for you, ladies. All for me. You can't forget the sauce. Don't forget the sauce. My God. That's good, right? Santina, are you married? Can I marry you? [LAUGH] This is absolutely amazing, and With this sauce you almost forget that it was fried. But you taste the crunch and the texture. It soaks in. This is heaven on a plate. Thank you so very, very much. [CROSSTALK]. You're welcome. Thank you for having us. This is absolute heaven on a plate. You can't have [INAUDIBLE] It's all mine, but if you come to New Orleans, and you come to Restaurant R'evolution, you can have some. And then you have to send me some at my house as well. [LAUGH] Thank you so very much. Thank you. Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Take a Mouth-Watering Tour of Restaurant R'evolution in New Orleans

Essence Live host Dana Blair visits Restaurant R'evolution in New Orleans to find out the history of the restaurant and its wine collection and to taste their BBQ shrimp dish.