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[MUSIC] I'm gonna ask you some really random questions that we're asking everyone. Are you guys, you know, you, you, you knew you were coming to Essence Festival, did you pack at the last minute or are you organized packers? I am never an organized packer, they're pretty good, I mean, Cocoa and Tosh are way better than me at packing. You know, we've been on the road, I just throw stuff in a bag, that's pretty much, and Cocoa can take it from there cos. We've been on the road for a minute, so we had other stops before we got to Essence, so we had to make sure that everything was in order. Now, can I say was I well prepared this time, I don't think so, but, we tried. [LAUGH] What do you have, must you do every time you come to Essence Festival? What's on your itinerary? Make sure we hit those concerts. For sure we like to do that. I totally agree. Sometimes you don't even look forward to your own performance, ciuz we so busy worrying about oh, we gonna be on stage, we gotta tell them to see prince? We just love it, you know? Everyone comes out and support it. It's a beautiful thing. Taj, well, we love you, even when you're on bedrest. I meant bedrest. [LAUGH] Oops. Vocal rest. Thank you so much. We love having you here. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

SWV's ESSENCE Fest To-Do List

The trio share what's on their itinerary while in the Big Easy.