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5 Easy Stretches That Can Help Loosen Muscles After A Long Flight

Have you ever gotten off the plane with tight muscles and stiff joints? Try these moves when you get to your hotel room.


Sitting cooped up in those small airplane seats can be extremely uncomfortable and often lead to muscle tightness and stiff joints when you deboard. Watch this video and follow along as Nike fitness expert Lauren Williams demonstrates how to get your body back into proper alignment after a long trip. 

These five quick exercises from Williams are ones that you can do right after you land and get to the hotel room.  New York City-based trainer, Williams is not only a Nike trainer, but a fitness model, dancer and group fitness instructor. Three years ago, she made history as the first female model for Nike’s Jordan line in their “Tight of the Moment” campaign. 

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From things like opening up the chest, half kneel twists and quad stretches, she has just the right moves for you.  See how she can help you get your body back to being properly aligned after that long trip!

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