5 Easy Stretches That Can Help Loosen Muscles After A Long Flight

Have you ever gotten off the plane with tight muscles and stiff joints? Try these moves when you get to your hotel room.

Mariya Moseley Apr, 27, 2017

Sitting cooped up in those small airplane seats can be extremely uncomfortable and often lead to muscle tightness and stiff joints when you deboard. Watch this video and follow along as Nike fitness expert Lauren Williams demonstrates how to get your body back into proper alignment after a long trip. 

These five quick exercises from Williams are ones that you can do right after you land and get to the hotel room.  New York City-based trainer, Williams is not only a Nike trainer, but a fitness model, dancer and group fitness instructor. Three years ago, she made history as the first female model for Nike’s Jordan line in their “Tight of the Moment” campaign. 

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From things like opening up the chest, half kneel twists and quad stretches, she has just the right moves for you.  See how she can help you get your body back to being properly aligned after that long trip!

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Sitting cooped up on an airplane can make any trip uncomfortable whether it's for business or for pleasure because it can lead to tight muscles and stiff joints Here are five stretches that you can take and do in your hotel room to help you loosen up. After sitting hunched in a. planning for a long fight is important to open up the chest, this move is great because it does double duty and opens up your chest as well as your hips. You're going to start in a playing position, hands in the ground, feet back. Go ahead and bring the left foot up to meet the left hand You're going to extend the left hand towards the ceiling. Squeezing the leg, reaching tall. Switch sides. [MUSIC] This is a great move to loosen up the hips and the back after a long flight. Start by kneeling on the left leg, Bring the right foot flat on the ground, hands to prayer position and then we're gonna twist across [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC] Switch sides. [MUSIC] After sitting on a long flight, you wanna make sure you loosen up your lower body, so here's a quad stretch to help get the front of the leg. You're gonna stand, balance on your left leg, go ahead and grab your right ankle, and you're gonna pull it towards your ****, keeping your knees Together, open up, and then switch sides. [MUSIC] After sitting for a long flight, you also wanna make sure to loosen up the hips since they've been flexed for a long period of time. You wanna stretch So you're going to do a lunge with an arm raise. Then feet together, you're gonna extend all the way back nice and low. And at the bottom, raise the arms up until you get in a nice chest opener, as well. Come back and stand, switch legs. [MUSIC] This stretch is gonna target your inner thighs and your calf's. Areas that need to be stretched after a long flight. So come nice and wide in your stance. You're gonna do a lunge. You're gonna start down to the right side. Get as low as you can, and then I want you to flex that left foot. Come up back through the middle, and then go down to that other [MUSIC] [NOISE] More more great travel advice go to travel and leisure.com, and for more great fitness tips go to health.com. [MUSIC]