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[BLANK_AUDIO] My initial reaction was shock. Well I just felt like it was very outrageous. Like Like blatantly how aggressive the police officer was. And it really broke my heart. I have family in South Carolina, and it just saddened me. I'm accustomed to students misbehaving in class. But when I saw that, I thought that the adult in charge Really did not take charge of that situation. School is supposed to be somewhere where you feel safe. You're not supposed to be attacked so viciously. Well what was she doing to deserve that and what were they doing? And sometimes, there's really nothing you can do to avoid those types of situations. No matter what this child was doing, it should have not gotten to the extent of the violence that I saw in the video. Yo, he literally threw her across the room. I don't feel like you should've put your hands on a female like that, specially a young female. She's not even an adult and you're a grown man. As black people we're constantly going to be hassled by the police. But I've never, to be honest, seen something like that in person in my life, and I wouldn't even know how to react. Nowadays, considering the whole police brutality issues, I feel like, just do what you have to do, but also know your rights. In order to deal with children, African American children, you have to use violence. No, this message just continue over and over again. This has to stop. More than his job should have been taken. I feel like he He should have been in jail. It's disgusting, it's appalling. And I'm disappointed in the police officer that took that action. People have very little respect for Black women. And so, I felt like that kinda reiterated that feeling. And that point, you know? [SOUND]

The Streets of NYC Speak Out About the Student Assaulted in South Carolina

ESSENCE Live hits the streets of NYC to see how we are coping with the assault on the South Carolina student.