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[MUSIC] We're live at the Essence Music Festival. I'm Celia Smith, Fashion Editor and here with Juanitia from Alabama who just one the street style fashion show. Tell me how you're feeling. I'm feeling great. I'm really shocked. Right now. Okay. I think we have a winner. I think we have a winner. Okay. Eva. Honey get it. Eva. I was going to say, you should show her, can you show her how to walk? Well she has to show me how to walk like this. [LAUGH] So tell us about your style. [UNKNOWN]. Well, I have a unique style. I wear what works for me because I'm small at the top, but a little hippy at the bottom. Okay. I buy clothes to fit my bottom and work for my assets to show off my curves, but not give them too much. Okay. Just give them just enough. So, what did you have in mind for today's outfit. Today's outfit I did the Cory Corrine dress. I purchased it offline. I like shopping online because you get unique and different pieces. So I wanted something that somebody else. They wouldn't have, so I purchased it. I put it on, put my little basic makeup face on, some silver, my Tiffany's, and came on out. Okay, curvy girls if you wanna win a fashion show or just live every day like it's a runway, follow her lead. What do you think was a key factor in you winning today's runway show? Honestly, my personality and my hips, they work for me. Oh, yeah, they definitely work for you. You said you were, you weren't gonna come this morning. And you did. I did. I changed my mind and I came out and decided to try something new. And now she's the winner of Essence Festival 2014 Street Style.

Street Style Fashion Show

Meet the 2014 ESSENCE Festival Street Style Fashion Show winner.