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Now Charli, it's a personal favor to mine, but I know that you love you some steam rooms. So this segment of mine is all- Yeah. [LAUGH] Let me tell you there. Tell us all About the Steam Room. The Steam Room is my baby. It's your baby. And we fill it with our babies. Now some people out there don't know what the Steam Room is. Okay. So can you give us a quick run down? Yeah. So I, you know, being the relationships editor. Mm-hm. And editing eye candy every week, you know, I'm just A tough job. All about the hot chocolate. It's such a hard job. Such a hard job. You know and I was just like, what do we really wanna see? And I was like, we wanna see these men. Steaming up our screens, OK, our monitors and our phones and everything, and answering the questions we're thinking of every day, like what do you wear to bed, what turns you on, what do you like in a- They don't like onesies. They do not wear onesies. If we want to know, why can't we ask them? Now, Charlie, I've got to say that my favorite one is with James Ellis from "The Game." Girl. Girl. Tell me like I wasn't there but put me in the room. it was the. I mean I"m a professional. [LAUGH] I'm happily married. But we got a Esteem session and Jay Ellis just became. He's already sexy, but he became the sexiest man alive when we rolled those cameras. And we just, we were all like, oh my god. We could feel it. Oh my god. That was our highest rated steam room ever. Really? Ever. It was like it was made for him. But what about like Thomas Q. Jones? Cuddy buddies? Cuddy buddies. Did y'all catch that one? Yes. Who can miss it. It was kinda uncomfortable being in the studio. I was like don't look. I'm on a sugar free diet. Don't look. That's a lot of chocolate don't look. He took his time with it. But wait how big is he. Oh we'll talk about that off camera. [LAUGH] Let's take a look. [LAUGH] So Mary Jane and Cutty Buddy liked to get down anywhere. Kitchens, pools, etc. What's your personal favorite place to have sex? [MUSIC] My personal [MUSIC] Favorite place to have sex? Couch. Why? Because the way you're positioned on a couch means you have to move around, which means you probably end up in different. Positions. Thomas can you let our viewers see your famous six pack. You can get ahead and you can flex, wink. [SOUND] [LAUGH] Okay. There you go. I'm in the steam room. [MUSIC] Can you work it? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC] [LAUGHTER] Hey this is Jay Ellis, and I am in the Essence steam room. Is it hot in here? Is that me? [MUSIC] That's the heat. Hello, Jake. Welcome to the steam room. What's the sexiest place to make love? This is a steam room, right? Sensual. It's warm. Somebody might walk in. So there's a little bit of fun. There's that element to it. Yeah, I like that. What do you wear to bed? If I'm sleeping alone? I wear boxers to bed. If I'm sleeping with my girl, I don't wear nothing. What's your favorite type of foreplay? Ooh. [LAUGH] I'm kind of no limits when it comes to foreplay. I feel like it's a time for us to have fun. Experiment a little bit. Try some stuff you wouldn't normally do. Maybe get rough. Maybe bite a little, kiss a little. [MUSIC] I probably really can't say all of that, and my momma might see this too, but you know what I'm talking about. Have you ever skinny-dipped? [LAUGH] I have skinny-dipped a couple of times. Maybe a few weeks ago and two weeks before that, and I would go right now if there was a pool in here actually. [MUSIC] SExy music, sexy movies, or sexy talk. I like movies. Yeah I'm a very visual person so if I can see it, it's game on. No pun intended. And then sexy talk, you know, I like knowing what you like, and knowing what she wants. And then exceeding expectations. Yeah. What's you favorite way to make a woman blush? So I love being in like a public place, and kind of like pulling my girl tight, and getting like right next to her ear right. Right when your lips are kind of like, you know what I'm saying. And just saying something like, yo, tonight. I'm about ti [SOUND] so please be ready. And then you see her go blush and she's just like oh my god. But she know what time it is. [LAUGH] I gotta get out of here. It's way too hot. Way too steamy, and I might be a little too turned on to be in here doing this so I'm going to get out of here.

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