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[MUSIC] I consider myself someone who is an impact minded, mission driven, investor who also believes in the power of capitalism and the power of economic empowerment for communities, and providing folks the opportunity to really pursue upward mobility The younger generation, they seem to get it already, right. Business as usual is not enough. Just making money is not enough. They are really looking for powerful, impactful, sustainable solutions so that their generation and future generations can live in a cleaner Safer society, and so I encourage young people to continue to think about the world in a dynamic sense in that there are ways to start giving back now weather that's volunteering in your local community. Or pursuing a career path that allows you to wake up each day, which I'm fortunate to do, where by your body of work actually contributes to society. I've had a very unique upbringing. I was born in South Carolina in a very small town. Chesterville, South Carolina. My father, extremely business savvy but in a literate. Pig farmer so to speak. My mother moved my sister and I to Orange county California when I was really young, four, five years old and I grew up in economic environment that was [UNKNOWN] wealthier than our home so I grew up on food stamps and sectionate housing in the middle of Orange county California very wealthy county So I think that the biggest obstacle for me has been letting go of the idea that my life trajectory should have been any different than it actually was. And being very comfortable identifying with who I am and playing the hand that I was given. It's less about me being a black woman that's a venture capitalist, which I'm absolutely proud of. It's more for me about the experience that I bring to the table, how I see the world through my eyes based on my lived experience, and what I want for my family and my community. And then, how do I take that and couple that with What's now you know, in our world, a traditional venture capital practice, and a way to create high growth opportunity. So, in terms of personal sort of advice for the personal path to power. Hour. To taking a step back and thinking about how do you want to live, what's your definition of a quality of life. And then begin to put the pieces together to live that out each day. And I think it's possible for us to wake up each day and chip away at that path, and do it in a way that makes us feel good. And it's work, but it's work that At the end of the day you sleep well at night doing it. My name is Keisha Cash and this is my path to power. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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"Take a step back and think about how you want to live," advises Kesha Cash, Founder of Impact America Fund. Check out more of her tips for career advancement here.