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[MUSIC] The women who Spark Awards recognizes the extraordinary achievement of Kimberly Bryant. She has been a successful engineering manager for the past 25 years. Working in Fortune 500 companies and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Inspired by her daughter who sought to follow in her footsteps. Kimberly founded a non-profit organization called Black Girls Code. An organization dedicated to changing the face of technology Reaching over 3,000 students, she made it her personal goal to introduce under-represented girls to the field of computer science and technology. Currently, only 2% of African-American women represent the country's science and engineering workforce. In an attempt to save her daughter from the same isolation and emotional distress she experienced, she sought out to start a movement and helped thousands in return. We applaud you, Kimberly Bryant, your work has not only inspired Movement in science but has broken gender barriers. [MUSIC] Kimberly, you are a women who sparks. [MUSIC]

SPONSORED: Women Who Spark: Black Girls Code Founder Kimberly Bryant

Intel honors engineer extraordinaire and Black Girls Code founder, Kimberly Bryant.