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[MUSIC] What makes this special for me to be at Essence festival is to finally be a main stage performer. I've been a couple of times. I did a super lounge show that was you know I was told was one of the best ones ever. And my fans have been you know like when is she gonna hit the main stage? So I'm glad that they finally invited We are ready. [MUSIC] Tonight is, I think, special because it's my set. I've gotten my show and my band to the point to where I'm been performing live. We've got a good synergy up there, we have good time, so I'm excited for them to see it. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]. Im going to be doing, you know, not even half of my show, but it's easy cause I got a lot of hits. So all I got to do is thirty minutes worth of hits, you know what I mean?[LAUGHS], and you know keep Keep on rocking. The Clark Sisters Band. I almost wish that was the only thing I'm doing this weekend, because they are very special to me. That's like my vocal bible. I studied them probably before anybody else. So it is a pleasure to do anything with them. [MUSIC] And for them. [MUSIC] The Puff show, that's going to be a lot. [LAUGH] But I only have to do my couple of songs. So, that's good. But it'll be fun though. [MUSIC]

Soundcheck: Faith Evans

The R&B songbird proves that practice makes perfect before taking the ESSENCE Festival stage.