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No Seized Car Here: Mom And Son In Hilarious Voting Video Explain Her Viral Takedown

You know the video.

An impassioned mother is seen delivering an epic speech about the importance of voting to her son, hilariously telling him she will seize his car and phone if he doesn't go to the polls this November. And, as millennials often do, Kenny Okwara taped the entire exchange, bringing tears of laughter to the eyes of thousands who shared the video.

"You have to carry out the civic duties of being an American," ChiChi Okwara told Kenny. "Don't act like you're a moron."

ESSENCE got a chance to sit down with Kenny and his mother to discuss the now-viral moment. And surprise! Her speech actually worked.

"I already voted," Kenny tells ESSENCE. "I did not vote for the third party candidate." It was an easy choice. Not only did he want to keep his car and phone, but he also understands the importance of voting for the right candidate.

And just why is Okwara so passionate about this year's election?

"Because I love my candidate so much. I really want her to win. I cannot afford not to have Hillary Clinton in the White House," she said. Since the video has gone viral, Okwara is not only an internet sensation stateside, but also in Nigeria. But it did take a little coaxing to get comfortable with the internet fame. She initially told Kenny to delete the video. 

"We kept her calm for a little bit so we could keep the video up. And then when her friends from Nigeria started texting her telling her she was an internet sensation and that everyone loved her, she said 'ok, you can keep the video,'" Kenny said.

Check out the video to see who Kenny voted for and to watch this hilarious mother-son duo talk all things election 2016.

Seriously, they are family goals.






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