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We asked you, our viewers, what your personal rules were for dealing with your coworkers and boss, and we got some very interesting responses. @lizlegunsen tweeted be professional and don't get too familiar and don't add them to your social media. @stagedonpurpose agreed. She said, no one I work with is on my social media. In fact, I've blocked them and don't give my handle. [LAUGH]. Well, damn. Thoughts ladies? What are your thoughts on that? I'm with stagedonpurpose. I remember when I used to be an editor because it would always be a conversation like I saw you with that so and so last night. Stop clocking my time. Mm-hm. A good boss should not be requesting you. When I leave, I mean well yes, but- Right. [LAUGH] Right, right right. I think it's, look it's nice to think, don't be friends with your coworker, I feel like that's a very old school mentality. It's smart, but when your passion is your work and you work weird hours and you're together all the time, and you're at work more than you're at home, that's not the reality of it So really it's okay to be friends, friendly. Your boss is never your friend, remember that. They're the boss. Right. It is what it is but your co-workers, I mean, these are the people you're creating with. So you would help to have a good rapport and sometimes it bleeds over. One of my best friends in life, we worked together for years. Right. [CROSSTALK] Yeah I was just about to say that. All my co-workers follow me in Twitter and Instagram. But my two best friends worked with me and they still work with me so I really, I understand that's a very, very smart way to go about things but honestly if you're spending way over 12 hours at work. Right. With these people, these are not even co-workers anyway. These are like friends, family- [LAUGH] With people that you don't even spend time with. You don't even spend time with your boyfriend that much. Right. I don't even have a boyfriend. Right. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Social Media and Co-workers, Do They Mix?

Social Media and the work place. What are the rules for dealing with co-workers and bosses on your IG, Facebook, and Twitter feeds? On this week of ESSENCE Live we investigate.