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We have to send major congratulations to DJ Khaled and his fiance Nicole Tuck who welcomed their first child over the weekend. How did Khaled share the news of his baby boy? Hm, of course Snapchat. Khaled, who has an estimated six million followers shared the entire labor and delivery process on his snap. Panelists, is it slade or shade to document a live birth On the Snapchat, one two. Slayed, slayed, and you're in the middle. Why're you in the middle? Oversharing, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. However, how come I never knew that he had a baby momma? Am I wrong? It's his fiance. Well, now. Okay how did I not know this and DH Khaled [CROSSTALK] Maybe I thought she was like an assistant or a sister. She doesn't look young, she doesn't look like he typical. [CROSSTALK] She's very classy That he actually loves her. It is like a real relationship. So I'm gonna give it a shade. Because I'm shading myself really. Because I didn't know that this relationship existed. But way to go because I know he's getting Snapchat checks. I know that DJ Khaled's all about the major keys and the money. And I know he is getting some from this stuff. So Share on DJ Khaled, Share on. Tony you said slayed it? I'm gonna say slayed. It's good to see a man, a brother, taking a sort of charge and supporting his woman and being in the delivery room and And he's getting checks while doing it. SO I think that was dope. And nobody talked about my costume, I'm a serial killer. And your time. Cory, you know what, you get the final word on this one. You slayed it. As a parent, I think it was beautiful that he shared it. Yes, it's a little over sharing but that's what he does. I mean, he was That's what he like. Locked, he was like missing at sea. He was, I need help. Please send somebody. [CROSSTALK] have the jet ski. [LAUGH] That is true. Yeah, you know what I mean. I haven't tought about that. So why did we not think of it, but what I loved about was those really raw moments where- Yeah. The son was being delivered and you, I think we, I don't know what he's real name is but I think we saw that The real DJ Khaled in those moments, which is something you don't really get to see in a celebrity, and I thought that was a very human touch. And he was consistent. Yeah. DJ Khaled. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] Lie on, lie on. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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