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There were some mixed reviews over Mr. Wade's ESPN magazine cover. Folks calling him gay for deciding to bare all. And questioning if he did it just for the money. Panelists? What are your thoughts? Are we slaying or shading on the count of three? One, two, three. [MUSIC] Slayed. No, no, no. Get it together. Slayed, slayed. It's choreography, why is it a slayed? I mean, I am one that's celebrates a body and one's that beautiful. Why, why do we put it down? I mean Look I'm a nudist in private, okay? I like that [LAUGH]. So I definitely think there's nothing wrong with that. Now if his wife is fine with, then that's the only person he has to answer to in my opinion. I heard that. [INAUDIBLE] You slayed it. The cover was Yes. It boiled your potato. It was just. Mm-hm. Potato is twice baked. Twice baked, I think that's the first twice baked we've had on Essence Live. That's amazing. Okay. Now I'm hungry. Michele you're on. I mean. I'm hungry too. I could go for some. If I lose seven pounds Pounds. Everybody has to see me naked. I think people are very uncomfortable seeing such a beautiful black man naked and it's making them question things. Women are naked all the time, why can't he be naked? He is beautiful. And he's not even baring. He's not baring. Right, you know. We're not seeing the jewels. He could though, I'd be okay with that too. Eww. He's not doing a Le Bron, as they say. KK, what's going on over there what do the fans say? All right there's some support and some confusion. Uh-oh. All right, so a K says where's the correlation between sports and nudity? Maybe I have a little more understanding to do about what these guys are going through. All right. Dia Thomas says I guess I'm not understanding why you need to be naked though. There's some support, though. Renita James says the human body is beautiful when it's well taken care of. Nothing wrong with a tasteful body pose. We came in this world this way, only people who are asked of their body will have something negative to say. Right. Yolanda says, The Yolanda Dumes, not a big fan of Wade but I love me some chocolate. Damn. Okay sweet tooth. I feel like athletes, the whole point of it is, they use their bodies. They use, that's how they [CROSSTALK]. I don't have an issue with him being naked. The pose wasn't my full forte. What would you want? His legs open? You know. One leg up. One leg? I think I have a body issue. I must have a body issue. I don't see why sports and body have to correlate to the point where he can't be nude. Obviously, this is a particular piece about. The body. Right. So let that just be what it is. This is a beautiful cover. Not the fact that he's an athlete. So strong. It's tasteful, gorgeous. It's gorgeous. Yeah it's art, that's the thing. Well we're gonna go on to number two, but we're come back to this. So much talking. All right yeah because I could talk on this for a long time. I could talk naked all day. All day. So next up, we're gonna talk naked later, we have [BLANK_AUDIO]

Slayed or Shade? Dwyane Wade's 'ESPN' Cover

We've all seen Dwyane Wade's ESPN Body Issue cover by now. Watch Adrienne Moore, ESSENCE Assistant Beauty Editor Virginia Lowman and Michelle Buteau debate whether his naked cover slays or deserves some shade right here on ESSENCE Live!