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[BLANK_AUDIO] Is the sex better in a relationship or when you're single? It depends on the partner. Yeah, it depends on a partner. I'm gonna say a relationship, because you know what they like, they know what you like, so I think it's apples and oranges It's to a degree, but if I had to pick one, I would pick in a relationship. I would in a good relationship, because sometimes people are in a terrible relationship and they hate having, I know people who have been in relationships and haven't had sex in months. Some people even over a year. So, you know, that's a difficult situation. You're arguing all the time, there's too much emotion and that makes it difficult. So it just depends on what you're looking for at that time. I think if you're in a great relationship, then the sex can be great. Exactly Me personally, there's nothing better than a vagina I can Can trust. Now if I can trust it, we gonna have the best sex ever. If I can trust it, I know where it's been, I watched it when it walked in, I'm gonna see it when it leaves out, then I'm gonna shoot you, I'm all here for you. Tomeka, let me ask you, because you're the very person here at the table, does it change? It's the same, it doesn't change. So it People don't know this until you get married. You don't feel married for the first year and change. You know you're married, you see the ring, blah, blah, blah, but it's not like you're walking around thinking I'm married, I'm married. It's just like Monday happened, and Tuesday happened, like Yeah. Do you feel like people make as much effort, too, cuz I think, I've been told this, that when people move in together, we don't make the same effort that we used to make. It's not like. You get comfortable. Yeah, you get comfortable, you're wearing your bonnet to bed. And your granny clothes up to here. [CROSSTALK] My mother was very clear on that, when we first started dating, she was, don't do anything that you don't want to keep doing. So he saw bonnet, he saw the head wrap, he saw the holy sweat. So this wasn't anything strange when we had finally got married and moved in together. So he know what he was getting. It's more spontaneous I think, though. When you get married? I tried to make more effort. When he was coming over, I wanted to cook, and I wanted to do candles. And then now you're just watching The amazon's **** and the next thing you know, you know. Let's go to bed. Not even the bed, right? On the counter. On the sofa. There you go, alright. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Single Sex vs. Couple Sex: Who Does It Better?

Let's be real, when it comes to sex depending on the status of the relationship the experiences differ. So on ESSENCE Live, we tried to get to the bottom of it--which is better: single sex vs. relationship sex.