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[SOUND] Our episode today, we're talking about hair. Oh yes. And you are a hair icon. And we have a little fun segment called Brandy Hair-volution. You see what we did there? Hair-volution. The hair-volution. Oh, I love that. We're kinda snazzy here at Essence Live. I love that, let's see what you all got going on. We're gonna show you a couple of images, we might take a little walk down memory lane here. Okay. And you tell us the story behind it, you ready? Okay, okay, all right. So, here's the first one. Yes. The braids. [LAUGH] The braids. My favorite. Your favorite? I love braids. They're like my favorite. So, of course, when you came out that was like your signature look. Everyone everywhere was trying to do the Brandy braids. Did you realize that they could be such a statement piece for you when you. First came on the scene? I didn't know, I just felt that it was low maintenance, and I was having a good time with him and it became I know about low maintenance friend. [LAUGH] Then it became like a you know, a trend, so That's cool. Now, how did you keep your edges and your hair so healthy? Well, it wasn't healthy for a long time. Really? I had to be rebuild and reconstruct and- And really take care of it. Yeah, and really take care of it. Okay, alright, so here's- But now I have a braider that is really healthy with the braids, not so tight. So, your look at the Soul Train Awards, that was- You liked it? You slay it.>>Thank you.>>I think a little salt and flour did it for you. [LAUGH] Alright so here's our second look. A little play with hair color.>>Okay. Alright. let's talk about it. I didn't really know who I was at that time. I was just trying to find it. I was just trying to find new things. But It's so funny like when I tried a new color mom was like listen, Bring, black is your color. It looks great on you. Because it brings out your features so I've never been blonde or red again. Do you think you'll do it maybe someday? No. Okay. I don't think I will Fair enough. No worries. Yeah. And the third look. Yes. Is curls. I love the curls. I love the curls. Let's talk about it. I love them. Gosh, I feel so glamorous when I have my hair curly and I still wear my hair curly. I wore my hair curly yesterday. Okay. Yes. Do you get to wear this as curly as often as you'd like or does the shooting schedule kinda dictate your look? Well, no not my schedule just more the feeling. [SOUND]

Should the 'Natural Hair Movement' be Reserved For Black Women Only?

Our panel discusses the nuances of the natural hair movement and why it only applies to Black women.