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I kinda wanna cuddle with this lady right here. Hello everybody checking us out. Once again on, I am Alicia Renee joining me today on the last day of Essence Festive is this very beautiful gal over here Hey. Sevyn.Streeter. Hello. What up man. How are you? How are you? Good to see you. Wait. First of all, we have some extremely, extremely important business to take care of. And we have to get this out, because. Yes. The higher ups will kill me, and I'll kill myself if I don't do it. Someone has got a birthday coming up man. I have my rendition of [LAUGH] happy birthday ready for you. Ok I'm so ready let's go I'm ready to hear let's go. [COUGH] I wanna make you proud. [MUSIC] Happy birthday to you help me find my note to you, You. [MUSIC] I'll leave that for you. That was beautiful. I'm gonna leave it up to you. You know what, I'm gonna treat it like how the church do you know what it came from the heart. Leave it to Jesus. That came from the heart. [LAUGH] And I'll take it. But you know what that was beautiful. But somebody else is celebrating a birthday of course, it's Essence, the 20th Anniversary. Oh, that's perfect, happy birthday Essence. Is this your first time at the rodeo? It is, this is my first time here, I'm so excited about it. It's gonna be great What performers have you seen that you're excited I saw Prince and Prince was Did he do a show Did he, I don't even know if you can even call that a show what Prince did I've never seen before, seriously i've never seen it before so yeah prince was my favorite hands down- Tonight's line up of course we've got Erika bat do uncle Charlie. Lionel Richie. Lionel. Or as my uncle calls likes to call him Lionel Richie Lionel Richie. Cause we're from the south that's how we do it. Yeah, that's how you do it. Or mean to say. Yes. So you're in the studio, you're working on an album. I am, I'm working on my album. I'm extremely excited about that man. And I just, I'm in a really cool creative space. I'm just throwing things against the wall and seein' if it sticks, and. If it works, it works. If it doesn't it doesn't. But I'm having such a great time doing it. What are, what are some of your inspirations that you're going to be using for this album. Ooh. Any Boo Kitty you want to tell me about? You know, listen here. I'm always inspired by relationships or lack there of. Uh-huh. So yeah. I'm inspired by that. I'm inspired by you know, the 90's a whole whole lot. I'm inspired. You know, just by life and conversations and having drinks of wine [LAUGH] Wit yo girlfriends and chilling out and talking about that, it's very exciting. Always exciting, but I'm having a hard time believing that you have a lack of a beau in your life right now. Oh my! I don't believe it. I'm single, I'm so single. You know, I also see your publicist lurking over there and she may be telling you don't talk about your personal life. [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] Now, because of single me I mean even if I don't talk about it here, I tell him myself in my song. Yeah. So, you know, I'm always, you know how come your ex-boyfriend being your ex-boyfriend. That tells you right there. I don't have nobody new. You know what I mean? So I have a habit of going back to the old one. I need somebody [UNKNOWN] new, okay? I'mma help you with that one. I'm pretty good at it. Please. I'm like the love doctor. Please help me. Ask Brit. I'm known in these streets. I'm so ready. You are? I'll get ya, get ya get together. I need the hook up. For the album, any potential, you know, collaborations you're thinking about? You know what? I mean, of course I, I, I have to do it again with my brother, with Chris. That's, that's family. Yeah. That's just a no brainer. I would love to do something with B.O.B, he's on my label. We just actually released something today, it's called Swing My Way and it's for his No Genre mix tape. So, God I wanna do something with all the guys on my label. Me and Todd Dollar sign have something we're working on. I want to work with Bruno, I want to work with Whiz, so I really want to get in there with my, the guys on my label. Now you also are doing something Road to Essence, Yes. So they checked that out before this clip and now to complete your Road to Essence, Yes. you got a performance to do! I do! I. So as much as I love talkin to you that means that I gotta send you on your way so you do what you do best. You know, its about that time, but this is like game time on Sunday, We about to go, we about to be crazy, I'm ready, if you all ready, I'm ready, we're about to have a party. Hello somebody, get it. Seven. Seven, Alright! Seven, that's the pop-up! [LAUGH] And you guys don't go anywhere because when you come back, this lovely lady will be on the stage, you're hanging out with us on, I am Alicia Renee, Seven Streeter. Bow. [LAUGH]

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