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[MUSIC] Hey Essence, happy new year. We're so excited that you're gonna open our January Essence Diva. Happy new year. Happy new year. Happy new year. Happy new year. [LAUGH] January's box is all about pampering yourself. So, we're throwing a pamper party. Pamper party. Pamper party. Pamper party. Pamper party. [LAUGH] You can't have a pamper party without catering to your skin. So this shea, pear, rose hip black soap is definitely a must. What I love about it is that it gently exfoliates my skin and gives me that baby soft skin without all the harsh additives. And it's a two for one. You can do everything from using as a mask or use it as a cleanser. So on those winter weekends when you just wanna stay in, put it on as a mask and just chill at home. Okay, so we have the tgin green tea super moist leave-in conditioner in our box this month and I really love this stuff. It's really cold out here in New York and so what I like to do at night before I go to bed is to put a little bit of conditioner On my ends to keep them moist cuz when ends get dry that's when you have breakage and that's when they split and you don't want that. I scrunch my ends and it really doesn't change anything but it keeps my ends nice and soft but it also just moisturizes them cuz their the oldest part of your strands so they get dry the quickest. Winter is the worst time to keep your skin soft and subtle. The weather is so cold. The elements are so harsh. That air is so dry. That's why we included Leaders Insolution Baby Soft Foot Mask. Now it looks a little weird, but when you take it out of the package, you pull it apart at the dotted line. You insert each foot Just like a sock. It's loaded with aloe vera extract, beeswax. So it really keeps your foot nice and soft. And once your foot is in, you wanna pull the sticker off, and seal in your foot. Leave in for 20 to 30 minutes, and your feet will be noticeably smoother. One thing I think about a lot with Pamperings Cares. We've got the Julep Just Color. It's a gorgeous chocolate with just a hint of red. It looks great on absolutely anyone and I think just to mix your manicure situation up. It's good to try a nice deep color for January, it's perfect. It's deep but it's still gorgeous rich and it goes with anyone, it looks great on everyone. Want some, please do try it, and pamper yourself with a great manicure. So for the [UNKNOWN] beauty box, I choose the Laqa and Co fat lip pencil. I love a bold lip, and this will give you a really great color payoff if you wanna go for something deep and rich. Or if you prefer more sheer coverage, just do one layer and you'll get a nice, gloss-like finish. All of the colors look great on all skin tones. [MUSIC]

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