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Today on Essence Live. Rupaul gives a crash course on how to rock your fiercest pose in front of the camera. Lane Bryant model Precious Lee showcases the latest Spring fashions for full figured women. And it's the return of slayed or shade with another fabulous panel, of course. But right now it's the hot list, the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] Now, who said Beyonce wasn't inspiring to the kids? Shout out to the New Orleans 7th grade math teacher, [UNKNOWN] for using Beyonce's Formation songs to help her kids learn. Check it out. Geometry Matters. Down in Louisiana. Remix these lyrics with vocal because math matters. Complimen [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] black matters. And the Spanish too. That's what Louisiana do. Despite what you may have read, Foxy Brown says she is not, as in no way no how, endorsing Donald Trump. The raptress says the New York Post took her words out of context from an interview that was supposed to focus on her getting the keys to her home town of Brooklyn. Foxy blasted the paper on Instagram saying I am in no way endorsing Trump. They tried it. Wrong one. What I said verbatim was Trump had tenacity, much like I said with Hillary Clinton, I loved dearly, and Bernie Sanders, adore. This sign, hands up, emoji, hands up, emoji. That's what he said. Our hearts go out to friends of the show, Miss Robbie, from Welcome to Sweetie Pie's on the tragic killing of her grandson Andre. According to TMZ, Andre Montgomery was in a recording studio, when he got a call to meet someone outside. It was when he left the building that he was shot and killed. Fans of the show will remember Andre's time on Welcome to Sweetie Pie's When Robbie moved him into her home during his last year of high school. Eventually, giving him a job at her famous Sweety Pie's restaurant in St. Louis. Ms. Robbie, we love you and our prayers are with you and your family. [MUSIC] On a much lighter note, the Obamas are having the best week ever. First, President Obama sat down with Ballerina, Misty Copeland, for an exclusive essence conversation. Then he assisted Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda in an impromptu freestyle at the White House. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama spoke at south by south west about education for girls, and still found some time to jump a little girl power anthem with Missy Elliott, Janelle Monae, Zendaya, Kelly Roland and more. And who can forget how stunning the entire Obama family looked at this year's state dinner? But wait. What was all the hate towards Sasha and Malia's dresses? Does the price tag of the dresses really matter when your father is running the free world? I mean, come on. We're digging into that And much, much more on this week's juiciest topics. Slayed or Shade is up next. It's Thursday, March 17th and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome, welcome, welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair. Today's show's gonna be pumpin'. And you know we always want to hear from you, so don't be shy. Hit us up on social media using #EssenceLive to join the conversation and if you like to call in live to ask questions of our celebrity quests You can! Just email us at for details, all right we're gonna jump right into Slayed or Shade. Joining me today are TV personality Ray Cunningham, writer and tv personality Demetria Lucas Doyle, and comedian Charles Mcbee. This is first time here, y'all. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you. [CROSSTALK] Now we have some juicy topics. We do. Mm-hm. So as I mentioned, today's hot list, the Obamas had one hell of a week, and Sasha and Malia slayed at their first White House State Dinner in Niamkong gowns, but when news broke that the dresses cost a reported $17,000 to $20,000 dollars, it set off a Twitter firestorm about how much is too much when it comes to the price of the First Daughters' clothing. No matter that the dresses were actually loaned to the girls for this event. Okay. All right panelists. Thoughts on the dress controversy. One, two, three. Slade or Shade. Oop. Shade, Shade, Slade. Slade. We'll start with you Ray. I would definitely say Sasha and Malia slay. First of all, their names are Sasha and Malia. [LAUGH] Malia. They have to They are the first black daughters of the White House. They are the only daughters of the White House to attend this kind of event. And why would they not have a label on? I mean, if you're getting free clothes, why not get it and go for the best of the best? This is A very historic moment, and we'll all be looking back on this in like ten, twenty years. I mean, those girls looked amazing. They weren't showing cleavage or anything. Right. Very age appropriate. They were classy. Elegant. So pretty. I thought they looked very well age-appropriate, and I have a niece myself and I'm not a White House person, but My niece will won't wear $20,000 dresses if Uncle Ray has anything to do with it. Okay, she's gonna keep you to that. Anaia will. She's watching, she's watching. She's watching. She's only four months old. But, she will watch. [CROSSTALK] No, I think the whole controversy is very, very shady, and let's be really clear, that was, Mainstream Twitter. Yes. That wasn't black Twitter. Black Twitter was like, yes, yes, yes. Not shea butter tweet? No. No. No, no, no. A lot of folks don't know what a label and what a good garment is. Okay. Wait, so what do you want them to wear? It's a state dinner. Everyone comes through with their best garments Mm-hm. That yes, the girls should look appropriate. Mm-hm. And also the dresses were donated. You're talking about the price tag Of dresses that are gonna go hang in the American History museum. True. That's where all Michelle Obama's dresses go. [CROSS-TALK] Those dresses will go there, too. So if, like, you're just trying to find something to complain about, because you have an issue with Obama, just say that. But don't attack his teenage daughter. You better get it, Charles. Say, say, say, anybody, anybody hating on the Obama, On girls. Like we just said the dresses are probably donated. Obama is not spending tax dollars on dresses- [LAUGH] Thank you. $20,000 for his daughters. Thank you. Now, calm down. Anybody who thinks that, probably thinks he's born in Kenya still. [LAUGH] And you know they do. They're Front row, right now. Wow. Foaming at the mouth, like [UNKNOWN] anybody hating on them. They are age appropriate, like you said, and not busting it wide open on Instagram. No, they're not. They are not doing crazy things to [UNKNOWN] it like [UNKNOWN] are. I think bust it wide open, that's the first time we've used that phrase. [CROSSTALK] Bust it wide open. [UNKNOWN] I don't think that. [LAUGHTER] But you know what also too. I wanted to point out like whenever we see celebrities like the young ones at like the Oscars or anything like that, no one ever mentions how much their gowns cost. No. It's not a state dinner when your father's the president. Young black girls. Okay. In the White House. Exactly. There's never. They are the first. Of their kind. Mm-hm. They set the standard for what's to come after them. And let's be honest, a lot of people don't think little black girls deserve that. No, they don't. Because you don't have these conversations about Mary-Kate and Ashley, all the other young girls that have come up in the spotlight. Right. That is true. You don't have those conversations about them And It's because they're young and black and they're the President's daughters. And nobody started on the Bush twins Stop it When they were in the White House they didn't know [UNKNOWN] I knew it was coming. [UNKNOWN] Forward to the next topic. Let's talk about the next one. If that one got you all warmed up I know this one's going to get you going. Jayden Smith was recently named the new face of Louis Vuitton's women's wear Spoke out about his fashion choices in the latest issue of British GQ Style. He says and I quote, I feel like people are kind of confused about gender norms. I don't see man clothes and woman clothes, I just see scared people and comfortable people. How do we feel about the blurred lines and fashion, are we slaying or shading? Slayed, slayed, slayed. Demetria, I'll start with you. I don't have a problem with that young boy. If he wanna put on a little skirt or a dress, he's not harming anyone. He's not bothering anyone. Let that be. And in general, I just saw this piece in the New York Post yesterday that talked about Any reasonable parent would be embarrassed to have kids like Jaden and Willow. Wow. He's 17 and Willow's 14, we don't attack kids. Just in general. That's below the belt. If you want to put on your little skirt, I might have something to say when you're 21, but as of right now, 17 it's Experiment, be free, you're a teenager. This is the best time in your life to do so. Figure out who you are and go forth. That's true. We've got grown folks who don't know who they are, but that's me on a whole other rant. [LAUGH] Right. I'll just say, I'm biased. I'm slayed and shade. He slays that look because he makes it His own, he's so confident in who he is. I will only say the shade part of it could be that I come from a, well we all come from black families. I'm from the South, any of you guys from the South? Maryland. Virginia, so yeah, okay, so DMV So we get it. So I could see a lot of conservative older parents being like ooh, that's not masculine, that's not right, that's not what little boys are supposed to be. But I applaud Will and Jada being from Philly and Baltimore letting their children grow up and be well versed, well experienced, and just being who they are. I mean I don't think him wearing a skirt makes him a man because clearly he's hanging out with Kylie Jenner. And we all know what that Situation. Okay, that's a whole other subject. Charles? Charles and Slade? Slade, Slade, Slade to Mr. Jaden Smith, and Shade to anyone that's hating on him. First of all, like you said, we come from black families. But let's not act like Prince Never happened. Exactly. Okay. With the purple and the heels and the thongs and the pants with no ****, like let's not act- [CROSSTALK] And he had a good heel. He had a good heel. [CROSSTALK] He can get away with that. Prince, Rick James, Andre 3000, like he's not, we've seen this before. Andre is under, Erica's voodoo. No. Andre, no. [CROSSTALK] Andre was on Andre. Right. [CROSSTALK] Andre [CROSSTALK] Y'all are not going to talk about Andre. [CROSSTALK] Not coming for my spottieottiedopaliscious wonder. [LAUGH] You ain't coming for him. All right. That was the prototype right there. [LAUGH] Exactly. [UNKNOWN] Smith. His dad is His dad was the Fresh Prince, his mom set it off. Like he was born in a cloak of coolness. Yes. He can get away with stuff like that. He can get away with it. He has a level of cool that many of us will never ever understand Ever. That's true. He's never gone to school and had somebody go, "What are those?" That's never happened. Right. Right, right, right. That's not gonna happen to him. Or even if he wants to wear a blouse, he's still the karate kid at the end of the day. That's his lifestyle. All right. It's a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle. Hurt nobody. Now this last one has me feeling some type of way. I want to see how y'all feel. Hm. Last weekend Elise Neal shut down Instagram with her #blackdontcrack #bodygoals #damn #igottadobetter #summercreepinguponme pre-50th birthday bikini selfie. [LAUGH] But the haters still had to hate on the Essence Facebook page Yes, I'm talking about y'all out there at Essence. Tee Watkins said, okay she looks amazing. We get it, enough already. I've already seen this on four or five different pages in less than 24 hours, LOL. Tee, sounds like you're not at work. And the next one. And one from Chandra Acklin who said, yeah she can look like that cuz she never had any kids. Really, Chandra? Okay, panelists, what are your thoughts? One, two, three, slayed or shade. Slayed, slayed, shade. Ooh, I'm gonna start with you, Charles. You're shaking the shade. You're shaking the shade. Shaking the shade. Shade, shade, shade. Is there anyone hating on [UNKNOWN] Thank you, shade, shade, shade. First of all Fifty? That is Fifty Shades of Fine, okay? And she dated Fifty Cent. Right, if you are hating on DId she? Yes she did, no she did. If you hate [UNKNOWN] you hate yourself. All right you need to ask the lord into your life, ask him to cast out any demons you have going on. Her people hurt people, all right? [LAUGH} Just look within yourself. KIm Kar who, Kim Kar what, no. Who That shut down the internet. Black don't crack. Black don't crack, that's right. She looks amazing. She looks beautiful. I need a Spanx, because I can't even suck my stomach in She looks good. To show those kinds of abs. I'm not even. She slayed that at 50. I can't even get those abs at 30. And that's the other thing. People kept saying she looks so good for 50. No, she looks good- She looks good. She looks good for 30, 25- Thank you. 35. She looks amazing. Thank you. People were hating. I'm going to wonder if they're doing their workouts. And she's still working. Hm. I'm gonna wonder. And how often do we see Elise Neal in a bikini on Instagram? And that's not her thing. She's a professional actress. That's not her thing. Yeah. That's not her thing, yeah. Let me be clear, if I look like that at 50 And if I look like that next week, you all gonna see me in a bikini on Instagram. [CROSSTALK] If would have to work hard for that, I will have to work very hard, and you all gonna see a little. I'm not gonna do it everyday, but in special occasion, [CROSSTALK] see something- Now, what's your Instagram? What's your Instagram there? [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] I mean before that, though. Let me get this check, and I'm gonna be real slim and trim. Deangelo on Instagram- Look Every Wednesday. Look! Look. See. See. I'm gonna share. See. See. See. I'm gonna share everything. I can't with y'all, but thank you, thank you so much for getting our show warmed up and right. If I get that bikini body, too, we going [UNKNOWN] together, girl. What? You always skinny. We can get that, girl. Objects are larger than they appear but we'll talk about that later. [LAUGH] Coming up, Ru Paul shows us how to slay in front of the camera. But first, va-jay-jay? My purse? Ya hot pocket? What do you call it? Ooh. Our Just In crew has a few thoughts. [MUSIC] You know I have different names for different occasions. Your little lady cuz that's your girl. She's a lady, she needs to be treated as such. Shelly do the right thing. [MUSIC] The second [LAUGH]. She's like a classy white woman but also [LAUGH] could be black. I could preferring Dolly like a little bush, like a little natural. ****, cuz I like the way it rolls off the tongue. [LAUGH] **** is a little vulgar though. I don't even, [LAUGH] even say See you Hot pocket Hot pocket Powder keg Juice Box Order VJJ VJJ Voom Voom Vm Koonani Koonchi Koochi Koochi Kooch The Ooch Hoo Ha The Koo Ka The Choopa Ka When people get crazy, they get creative. It's a lot. You shouldn't call it anything, but if I had to say the dumbest one, Trap. How's that dumb, man? That kind of makes sense to me. I don't wanna get You're trapped. [LAUGH] Kinda, right, that's why it makes sense. I heard one girl say that thing down there, and I'm like, girl, you need to talk with a little bit more respect. My pocketbook. I don't know how that works, because normally you switch pocketbooks every day. I don't know if they where a different pocketbook to the club, or to church. Kitty-cat. Kitty-cat. Kitty-cat. Kitty-cat? I don't know, I think that's weird. Kitty cat is kinda cute, I guess. Kitty is my sexy term for it, I guess. It can be weird. Cookie box. Breadbox. Box. Box, that's another weird one too. I don't know where that initially came from. Honey box, I feel like [UNKNOWN] was. My grandmother and my mom, that's what they always called it. Like, hey hit that box, yo. Thinking about the whole breadbox thing as I got older I was like, wait. Yeast infections, really? That's disgusting. I hate the word ****. Guys call it that. My mom's always like ooh, I don't like that. Why would you want to call it that? That seems just so like aggressive. Just doesn't sound right. Do we need more violence in this world? [MUSIC] It's gross. I don't know why people give it nicknames. The ho ha and a Coochie. It's a vagina. The word vagina is awkward. The word vagina doesn't scare me. It sounds really weird. It makes me uncomfortable. [MUSIC] Ricky Rose. Ricky Rose. Yay or nay? Well, Rick has been on the show a couple of times. And then there's actually another project that I have that is X-Lady. Lira was on, so, look at that! Yeah, she was on our number two. Not for Love and Hip Hop. I can absolutely confirm. You're watching Essence Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. That was a clip of our exclusive interview with Mona Scott-Young, where she gave us some [INAUDIBLE] on who she maybe casting for future seasons of Love & Hip Hop. You can watch the full interview on in the video section. All right, coming up, we're going to go from the runway to the real way With spring fashion trends for our full figured ladies. But first, if you get a chance to speak RuPaul, you don't waste it. See what happens when I ask the queen of all things fierce to teach me how to pose like a pro. RuPaul I cannot have you here, give me all this fierceness and being an expert and you not help me out so that i can be the best fears that I can be. Yes! Absolutely That's my Instagram game of. Okay. I feel. Completely clueless- Right. Angles you know you go through social media or you see celebrities on red carpet and they just seem to know and they- Right. Could hit the light just right. First of all you have to take photographs of yourself by yourself and figure out what is your best side. [MUSIC] I've learned years ago it's my right side. It's all right okay. That actually has more character, and so I favor my right side- Mm-hm. You see Maria Kerry always puts a bang on- On the left. One side- Mm-hm. Or She's done, and even if she's forced to show the left side, she still works it out. She's like. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Right here let me give you just a little moment. Exactly. Another thing that I try to tell everyone is that a three-quarter angle is going to work the best for everyone. Because it shows the most dimension in the face. Now, if we were straight on, like this, I would do that right there. you know? Okay, mm-hm. So, also, always remember, shoulders down, tits out- Mm-hm. Long neck, chin down. [MUSIC] So you want to have a lot, you want to give proportion, To your body. Let's see. Chest out. I don't have a chest. Shoulders down. I'm working on it. Tall neck. Tall neck. Taller. And chin down. Now look to the side to the camera like, Yes Mama! And another thing I've learned too is that if you're on the red carpet you put your tongue on the roof of your neck and go mm [HUM] It actually lifts up the neck area. Yeah. Now that you've give us these fabulous tips I'm going to see if I can actually execute. Okay. I consider myself a good student. Okay, great. Let's stand up, and I'll position you, okay? Sure. You go like this. Yeah, like that okay? So first, here stand over there watch Mama real quick. Okay, yes, yes teach me. Okay so I always like to just thread the needle, this is called threading the needle. So this is what you do with your hands. And I, of course, always do a bevel with the the leg. See, this toe is going to be pointed towards the camera. So you know you'll be recorded this way. Chest out, shoulders back, long neck, chin down. And I always like to make a wide smile and then bring the lip over the gums. So watch, I'm going to go [LAUGHING]. And you can think of Your friend or you can make that person someone. Got it. So let me see you do it. Goodness. Okay, to your spot right there. I'm here. I'm giving you a bevel. [UNKNOWN] bevel. I'm relaxed. I'm loose. A hand putting a needle. And now, who's your best friend? Tiffany. [LAUGH] Tiffany. Chin down, long neck. Shoulders back, yes, thread the needle, yes. That's good, that's nice. You see that? There. You see that three quarter there? That's it right there. Okay, I found it. Gorgeous. I'm gonna memorize this. [LAUGH] Thank you. I love it. Thank you. Thank you so much. You've done really good. Thank you. You're gonna be great out there. Thank you. Thank you. I have the best of the best teaching me. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Essence Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. And our next guess stuns in the controversial Lane Bryant ad featured in the 2016 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, where she's unapologetically rocking her curves. Please welcome model Precious Lee to the show. How are you? I'm great. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here. We got A fellow southerner in the house, I feel right at home. A Georgia peach. Yes, now we're gonna look at a few looks from the runway, and learn- Okay. how to wear it the real way, shortly. But first, I just want to go ahead and congratulate you on the 2016 Sports Illustrated issue. I mean, that's one of the biggest issues to hit newsstands each and every year, And it's also this year, the first time a plus-size model was ever featured on the cover. Yes. In the same issue. Tell me your thoughts on that, how did you feel? What did that mean to you? Well, it means so much to be a face of diversity, in general, for everything that I do, but for this, for a publication that is so, you know, iconic, and for it to never be done before, and, you know, to have that cover, then open it up, and then, There's three pages of me in the gatefold. I thought it was really fulfilling to see that people are seeing that we're here, we're amazing, and there's a country full of us. Definitely. I mean, it's something that I need it to happen, and I'm just happy that I could have been in the face of it. It's great.. Did you call your friends, your family, tell everything, like go pick up the issue? [LAUGH] Listen, my parents, my family or friends have swept the newsstands. I don't know if you can even find anyone, but everyone is just really happy that I can be a part of this revolution. It's been a long time coming like I said and so for it to be To be a plus sized model and to be a Black, African American, is just really something that was amazing to hit both of those in one campaign, the [UNKNOWN], and it's just amazing. And I'm excited for next year's issue. Yeah. Go on, put that out there in the universe, girl. I heard you. It's out there. Put it out there in the universe. And now the print campaign. [MUSIC] It's received fabulous, fabulous feedback for Lane Bryant. Mm hm. But now the commercial, on their commercial has had some controversy, if you will, or some not as positive feedback. Do you have any thoughts on that? Well, I just think that, you know, everybody is going to take their time to embrace diversity however they feel necessary and it's something that. I love filming this commercial, this entire campaign we shot by Casper which she's a phenomenal photographer to shoot with and everything about that was just empowering to me and I feel like regardless of what maybe going around like people who see it can feel something. Positive from it and take something amazing from it, because I think it's a really great piece, so Definitely. And you know, everybody's taking their time, slowly but surely. But, you know But we'll get there. Yeah. You have to embrace diversity at some point. Mm-hm. And I think it's happening. Definitely, and you're absolutely stunning and I think it's an amazing thing that you're doing. You're speaking out. You seem so confident and you just have this energy about you that I think so many women of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities can really gain something from. How did you get started? Where is your this energy and this confidence come from to join this industry? Well, my family is a very much part of like how I feel about myself. selves and like what was instilled in me as a child. To be prideful. I graduated from the HVCU in Clark Atlanta. Shout out to Clark. Clark, you're you. And I started the homecoming fashion show there, which is this huge deal. Anybody from Like, the AUC, or like, HBCUs in general know how major the homecoming fashion show was, right? Yes, we know about the fashion shows, yes. [CROSS-TALK] The homecoming fashion show is so, and all the twirls, everything, it starts there, and so, I was asked to be a part of it. And it was my freshman year. And I was like. I'm going to take over. What? I got this. And you know I was like one of maybe two plus models. Out of literally maybe 60. Wow. And so when I did it. And it was just You know all the positive feedback, and just like the energy of being girly. I love fashion, I always have, I love beauty and my father owns hair salons, and my mother's been a beauty enthusiast my entire life so it was just natural to me to embrace that part of it and to see what I was doing just having fun and like doing my own thing could really inspire other people, it was something that made me kind of latch on to it and see. That I can do work and be an advocate because that was my main thing. Always is to be an advocate for a person entity or something to, for the voice that isn't as loud as others or to be able to represent people. It's always been something that I've leaned towards, and so I started there and it just kind of blew up. I graduated college, but it was- It works. No, it definitely works, and you do it so well. Thank you. Do you have advice for others, maybe in our Essence live audience, who are perhaps wanting to take the model approach, plus size model approach, down their journey, in their career? Well, I think first thing I would say is just That there's an array of opportunities in the fashion industry. It's not just a model. Everything is not about being a model. You can be a photographer. You can be a casting director. You can be an agent. You can be the person that picks the models for the project. You can be designers, pattern makers. There's just so many different things that I like to make sure that I say to young girls especially so that everyone doesn't have to feel that Your physical has to dictate your success or your range of something. There's so many different opportunities that are just as important to expand the diversity. Give it all, so I would say, first explore all the options. Right. And if you do want to be a plus size model, I would say that proportion is really important working out, eating well Because I'm a size 14 does not mean that I don't have a gym membership. I understand that. Or a trainer. You just have to take care of yourself no matter what. No matter what age [CROSSTALK] you should take care of yourself. And I would like to make sure I say that because I wanna end it right, because that is important to me. I've always been active. I was in the volleyball team and I was always active so Don't think that that is an option, because you have to stay snatched, regardless- gotcha. Of being a straight size model, or plus size. And, making sure you build your own self before you allow someone access to tear you, or building you back up. That is important, no matter what. And that's what's everything. And that is definitely, definitely with everything. And thank you so much, precious, for that advice. I know our audience out there on Essence Live, they're gonna love it. Thank you. Almost as much as they're going to love these spring trends. Yes. We have a couple of looks that we're gonna hip all of you out there to. The first trend is the cold shoulder or the drop shoulder, which is a personal favorite for me. This trend was all over the spring 2016 runways. Almost every designer features this trend, from [UNKNOWN], to [UNKNOWN], [UNKNOWN] and [UNKNOWN]. Precious, what makes this trend work for women of all sizes? I think that the shoulder's just super sexy on any women. Any size, any age, any race, and it's always cute to just show that off. It gives a little Flirty, girly feel, which is perfect for spring. Yes, ooh. Okay, hello Kayla. This is our first look. You better rock that trend. Tell us a little bit about this look, Precious. So, I'm loving this Forever 21 dress. It is Perfectly ruffled around the shoulder. Mm-hm. The shoes are from Lane Bryant which I specially love for brown girls because it's brown and it gives a nude effect which elongates the entire body. Mm-hm. The red clutch [UNKNOWN] is the proper color that you need to just spring it up, and the chunky bray, bracelet- It's okay, girl, it happens all the time. Super cute. Especially with a denim [UNKNOWN] look with the tribals and neutrals, it's really cute. It's a good texture play. And this is absolutely fabulous. I feel like you can wear this at day, night. This is a cute brunch look, right? Super cute, and then you get you a little post-brunch boo and you go on a date. Kayla, how do you feel? [INAUDIBLE] All right, thank you so very much. And now our second look, [UNKNOWN], Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, and Mary Contras who all feature stripes in their 2016 spring runway shows. And also want to wear to so little bit here in there. This is for head to toes stripes Yes Sheath stripes not sailor stripes. So what's the biggest mistakes on putting on stripes for curvy girls but some of style Apple pie if you will. I think the main thing is to make sure with any print especially stripes is to make sure that it fits separately before you put them together. So, tailoring is important. Tailoring. Making sure that each piece fits. Well is what's really gonna bring the look together. Hello! Our second model, Felicia. How are you? Yes. Okay. You know what? Whever I'm playing with patterns, I would have never thought to put horizontal and vertical stripes. Well, that's how you break up the body. And you see her waist from the horizontal stripes and how this tank kinda hits the waist and the drawstring with the vertical stripe, which you always want to elongate the leg. And that's what the vertical would do on the bottom. This linen pant is from Lane Bryant, which I really love. Easy breezy, that's open toe wedges. Also from Lane Bryant. You can go to Lane Bryant and just get your chic striped life toether.>> This whole life together. And the Century 21 tank just makes it the casual chic with the stripe. And I really like that tip of the vertical stripe being on the bottom so we can all feel like super models. Like what I did there Essence Live? Like what I did? Last but not least the tote is really cute. And the tote is from Forever 21 as well which I love that it's neutral and just a cool chic stripped bag. Lovely, thank you so much. And all right. So for our final look, one of my personal favorites, a little texture. Velvet, fishnet, ruffles and pleats are some of the textures that are going to be huge this season. Designers like Tanya Taylor, Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Hermes display pleats in different ways Some were small and intricate, and others were large and exaggerated. So, precious, how do our thicker ladies embrace this trend without it going, I don't know, adding bulk to their silhouette? Well, I think, like, not even just thicker ladies, but slimmer, you don't want to bulk your body, period. And I think, you know, making sure you're elongating everything and doing, Mixing the textures makes it dimensional. Okay. And so you don't have a block here and a block there. But just like mixing like this beautiful dress it's what's gonna give you the effect you need without bulky. And this is our 3rd model, Tatiana who just came in the the bold black and white and the lip. This lip is everything. It's everything. Tell us about this lip. So, I love this dress because I love how the pleats, the chiffon opens up as you walk and it gives a really airy springy feel. This dress is actually from Lane Bryant and This laser cut out shoe is also from Lane Bryant and I like the fact that it's still muted and you can pop color and it doesn't always have to be with your bag. It can be with your lip. And this tote is H&M as well which I love how chic that is with all of the black. I heard nails are black. You are just So body coordinated. And you know what I love about this? When I think pleats, I think like school girl pleats, like something juvenile. But this is very chic, sophisticated, very classic. No, this is giving you movement. This is giving you everything. And last but not least is this hat, which I think pulls Together a dress like this, it gives you this flowy feel with this effortless, cute, [UNKNOWN] It's very polished. It's like effortlessly polished. It is, where are you going, girl? Are you going on your yacht? Ow, let me find me a yacht. Thank you so much, thank you. And thank you so much, Precious, for coming by. Thank you for having me. You can come back anytime. You're now a member of the Essence Live family. Same time next week? Please same time, girl. [LAUGH] And thank you also to all of our models for joining us today. Coming up, it's our Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week. But first, more from my interview with Ru Paul. You have a new show, Gay for Play. Gay for Play! It looks extremely fun. Can you tell me a little bit about it? It is sexy. It's sassy. It combines all your favorite game shows into one. It's Hollywood Squares, Match Game, Deal or No Deal, Family Feud it's all in there. Now, do you have to be gay to play or did it just help? It do help if you are gay. [LAUGH] But, you know, it's all about pop culture. And, you know, in this day and age Gay culture has permeated Mm-hm. All of mainstream pop culture. You've got Katie Couric saying things like, "Slay!" Right. With the hand, too. Yes. Don't forget the hand. Yes. Uh-huh. And you've got newscasters who are talking about, " she threw shade." But you know I gotta tell you. That's always been in our culture. So, we decided with Gay for Play we're gonna take it back. We're gonna take it all back and we're gonna show them how it's really done. Yeah. So, Gay for Play is, I love. Doing this game show, and it's so much fun. People in my circle know that I'm the gamesman. You take it serious. My sisters won't even play with me anymore. [LAUGH] Because I like to play dirty charades where you replace a word. I'm trying to think. I'm trying to think of a dirty [UNKNOWN] that I can say on the- [LAUGH] I know, right? On Essence Live. But I'll say one. I'll tell you one. Okay, go for it. You ever heard of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Right. Well, see, if I were playing dirty [UNKNOWN]- I'm nervous. You should be, you should be. I would change it to 20 000 loads under the sea Well there you have it Drops mic and exits And we're done [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome back to Essence Live. Our black girl magic moment of the week goes to Stephanie Lampkin, engineer and founder of Blendoor. Blendoor is a mobile job-matching app which aims to take unconscious bias out of job hiring. How, you ask? Well, if you're searching for a job Blendoor has your age, name, photo and anything else that might cause a recruiter to discriminate against you. Now that's some Black girl magic for you. You see a problem, we create our own solution. Hats off to you Stephanie. You can find out more about Blendoor at Thank you so much to our Slayed or Shade panelists, Rupaul Paul preciously and of course you our wonderful viewers streaming us live, if you miss any of it don't worry about it you can watch the repeat right here at immediately after the show and on demand anytime. Next week we're tackling all of your hair dilemmas This right here dilemmas with expert advice from celebrity hairstylist's. So, if you've got a split ends or you just can't get that twist out just right. Email us a video of yourself explaining your hair problem. To And we just may answer your question right here on the show. I'm your host Dana Blair and I'll see you next time. [MUSIC]

RuPaul and Curvy Model Precious Lee Bring Fierce Fashion Advice to 'ESSENCE Live'

On this week's episode, RuPaul gives us a crash course on how to serve while posing for the camera, model Precious Lee talks curvy girl fashion and what it means to break barriers as the face of Lane Bryant and Sports Illustrated, #SlayedorShade returns with a fiery panel and more!