For some reason, Rihanna’s evolving body has become topic of very many conversations. When the unapologetic singer hits red carpets or she’s spotted out in one of her signature fashion killer looks, sporting her bountiful curves, everybody and their mommas wanna proclaim Rihanna is either pregnant or thick.

Some even go hyperbolic, calling the shapely CEO fat.

Sure, Rihanna is very much in the public eye and we love to see it. But commenting on her body in a way that sticks your nose all up in her uterus or diet regimen is just too much.

Rihanna’s thick body is a gift that we should appreciate her sharing with us, even when we don’t deserve it. Like, when we’re declaring her to be with child.

Check out the video of our resident OverExplainer reacting to Rihanna being called fat and/or pregnant.

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