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In my 20s my Goshas were fun and I was really broke. So they were always a little bit more of interest. [MUSIC] Me and my friend we went to Jamaica. We had $100. That's all we had. She took 40 of our $100 and bought some weed. And I was like, now we have $60. Then she meets some guy, then she's like, they're taking us out to dinner, and she ordered some real expensive stuff, and then they split the bill. We have $20. So we met this girl, and she's like, no, I have all-inclusive, and I was like, you do? Okay, so then we'll have a drink. So then the next thing, we went to the beach. We started saying we were her. Cuz she wasn't going to be charged, cuz she's all inclusive. And then they go, well where's your card? And then we would be like, did you leave the card in the room again? And then we wanted to go to the grill, and the bass was $10. And we sat on the bus, and they were like, ladies, where are your tickets? And my friend said we gave them. To the guy. And she said what does the guy look like. And she said Jamaican. So we gave the man $10. So we had $10 left. Right before we're leaving, she goes [NOISE] I've got all this weed on me. We've gotta smoke it now. I don't smoke weed. That day I did. Get to the airport, the last ten dollars she wanted to buy some [BLEEP] Jamaican rum. And I remember waking up in New York. The man next to me, I was just on his lap My face is just. I think the reader put me to sleep. Anyway, I wouldn't do that today. [BLANK_AUDIO]

LOL! How Regina Hall and Her Friend Survived A Girls Trip to Jamaica With Only $100

You won't believe how Girls Trip star Regina Hall and a friend survived in Jamaica with only $100. This video is hilarious!


While Regina Hall’s new character will be taken on an interesting adventure in the forthcoming film, Girls Trip, the actress has some real-life excursions under her belt. 

Hall is one of the ESSENCE July 2017 cover stars, posing alongside co-stars Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah and Tiffany Haddish

In this ESSENCE exclusive, the Washington D.C. native opens up about one of her craziest girls trip moment. The 46-year-old seasoned actress shares the story of how she survived a trip to Jamaica with only $100. 

Throughout the video, the Fordham graduate describes how she and a close friend spent the money during the trip and after sharing some of their craziest moments says, “I wouldn’t do that today.” 

Girls Trip, which was directed by Malcolm D. Lee, takes the audience on an journey as the women have what seems like endless experiences as they travel to New Orleans for ESSENCE Festival. The Will Packer-produced film will hit theaters on July 21. 

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