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You both play some classic roles in some of our favorite movies. So now we want to find out how well do you remember your lines from those films. Okay. We're gonna play the clip and then see if you can finish the line. Okay, got it? Alright. Regina, you're first. This one is from the first Scary Movie. Okay That ain't no mane. You can see her real hair right there. Do you mind? So Regina, what was your next line? I know it. I know you better get out of my face? Out of my face? I know you better get out of my face! Out of my face, out of my face! We just saw this. Morris you're up next. This is one of my favorite movies. Okay. This is from Two Can Play that Game. Do you like chocolate? Yes. Do you think that I find you attractive? Yeah. Okay, I really don't remember, I really don't but I think is it do you find me attractive? I woulda kiss you right now. Would you slap me? Yes. I can't, you-know-what what? I want Morris Chestnut. Who is this imposter? I can't remember my lines from yesterday you know. Okay we have one more for each of you. Okay. Regina. Dang it. You're next one is from The Best Man. Yeah I really don't. I just thought we had a connection back It was all. [LAUGH] Something about I create fantasies is what I do. I remember you say something about fantasies, but let's see it. Okay. Look, baby, it just kinda goes with the job, you know. I mean, provide the fantasy. That's the business. But I keep my personal life very separate. I can't say it. I can't say it. You just filmed that, you just filmed that yesterday. Yes you did. It looks she just filmed it. I do not. Yes you did. That face was so cherubic that it hurts. I still don't know what I said. Did my line match? Cuz all I saw was, You. [LAUGH] So the last one is from Best Men Holiday. Okay. This is recent. Morris, this is for you. It's not recent. This baby aint gonna wait, okay? Contractions are too close. I'm gonna call my doctor, he delivered all my kids and I trust him. Okay, great, cool, let's do this. Wow. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] My goodness. This is embarrassing really. You gotta put your hand in there, right? Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO] What's that? Don't you really like I got to do such and such. You gotta put your hand in there. Yeah, I remember. And correct me if I'm wrong, I think you said the word vagina. Yeah, yeah, definitely. I gotta check her cervix. That's it. Can I check your cervix? I gotta check her cervix. Come again? [LAUGH] Woo! It's rough. Man. That was it. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Can Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut Remember Their Throwback Movie Lines?

How well do celebs actually remember their lines offscreen? On this episode of 'ESSENCE Live', When the Bough Breaks co-stars Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut are put to the test!