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I grew up in New Jersey where blasting out of the cars were records like Lolita Holloway Love Sensation which to me even though it had a disco beat it was still R&B music. I think after that my first influence in R&B would be Luther Vandross and then came Anita Baker. I think when her Rapture album came out I sang Probably almost every song on that album in a talent show in my high school at one time or another. The first R&B album that I bought. I knew I had to get my hands on that [UNKNOWN] album. I just remember going to my cousin's house on the weekend and they would play that record over and over and I just begged my grandmother. Because you know we weren't really supposed to buy secular music and play it in my house. But I just begged and begged. And she let me get it because I told her they played it over at my cousin's house so she's like if they play it then it must be okay. The sound track To my first love. The soundtrack to what I thought was my first love would be that Debage album, cuz I just knew I was gonna marry El Debage [LAUGH]. If there was a soundtrack for me and Biggie's love, it would probably be 112's album when it was still in its demo Faces because we played it nonstop. One of my proudest moments in my career not only had a chance to perform at Clive Davis's annual Grammy party when my first album was out. I was backstage about to perform and someone was walking down the hallway singing like the intro from my album. [MUSIC] And it was Whitney Houston, we became cool like ever since then and like wow, that was just a moment for me. She was thinking my little ping thing, it wasn't even a single on the radio like, that means she listen to my record you know. So that was really bomb. Wow, every experience working with Puff is an experience. [LAUGH] And it's most of the time fun experiences if you know how to embrace it. Back when I first signed and he used to tell me I was too pale and he would walk me to the tanning salon everyday [LAUGH] Stuff like that to me was like fun. Other than that, any time you are around him is, you know, like boy. I'm so looking forward to getting on the stage at the festival because when the Bad Boy Family is on the stage together, there is all types of fun going on. Watch out! Fun over here! Fun over there! Hey, it's Faith Evans and I am so excited To be performing on the Essence festival main stage this year. Make sure you get your tickets now their going fast. I wanna see you in the place. Yes!

R&B Real Talk with Faith Evans

In our "No. 1 Festival for R&B" video series, Faith Evans—who will perform at ESSENCE Fest, June 30-July 3 in New Orleans—shares everything from her R&B inspirations to the soundtrack of her and Biggie's love.