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When I was like in high school, I was sure that I had an album so night and day on it and if I'm not your lover and I was like the music that now we fell in love to but we make love to. RNB at that moment specifically was starting to get the hiphop Edge to it. Keith Sweat and Mary J. Blige. She had the title of Queen of Hip Hop Soul, so it was, I saw it professing. Where hip hop became a part of R&B for awhile. R. Kelly brought in different things. HIs subject matter was wherever he wanted to take it. Like You talking about doing it in the kitchen or just bump and grind in those things. And kinda intertwine to become what we have now. I don't know if I could totally put a finger on exactly what RnB is but it definitely has the elements of some of the things from the past. And whatever Was created freshly now. One attribute that I would change about R&B, I love, different ways of approaching the songs. Like certain eras, they would talk about how I always love my mama, what's the family reunion. They were singing about me and Mrs. Jones, they write about whatever so, that's what I would change, and just the instrumentation. I think my father would always remind me to be confident and believe in me. When I was in the basketball court, on a film set, on a stage and nobody better than you Like that's what he was telling me. That didn't mean like I treat people less than, but that meant go out there and believe in you. Man, I've had so many great experiences at the Essence Festival. I'm excited because it's always a super dope crowd. And now I'm bringing more people, more band, more music. I got new music. Man, I'm just looking forward to what we're gonna create. It's just gonna be fun.

R&B Real Talk with Common

In this installment of our "No. 1 Festival for R&B" video series, the rapper—who will perform at the 2016 ESSENCE Fest, held June 30-July 3 in New Orleans—reveals when he fell in love with R&B and what he would change about the game.