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[SOUND] In a recent feature in New York Magazine, R. Kelly was asked about his alleged sex crimes. Now Kelly's downright the allegations, blaming them on his fame and on disgruntled individuals he fired from his inner circle. But when asked, do you have a sexual attraction to underaged girls? He responded. That's a rumor that comes from the earth, like all rumors. I thought rumors came from haters personally, but whatever. He continues, no, it's not true. I love women, period. If I wasn't a celebrity, people wouldn't be saying these things about me. All right, on the count of three, 3, are we gonna slay or shade this 1, 1 2 3? Shade, Slayed, Shade. Okay Kim, I'm gonna start with you, why is it a shade? Well first of all, he said it comes from the Earth. I was listening to him till he said it comes from the Earth. No what comes from the Earth is that weed he's smoking Smoke before cancer. And that stimulated the [UNKNOWN] he felt. Yeah. I tried to holler at him. He couldn't even see me. He couldn't, yeah. Oh, I want to know more about that. Okay, y'all stay out of my business. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] It's an after show. I don't know about that one. I don't know about R. I've been knowing him for many many years. When he was with the group MCM. Oh wow. Yeah, he wasn't even R. Kelly. Okay, all right. We gonna get that story a little bit later. Lata. Oh you slayed it? Talk to me. Let me just explain myself okay, because everybody knows Don't look at me like that, Kim. Cuz I'm looking at you! [LAUGH] You tried to holler at you. No, no! I'm just- You like a little urine? Yeah! No,I'm not condoning his actions. The comment was just so original. The rumor came from the earth. He's a writer. That's a dope line, I thought. You know, Who says that? R. Kelly, yeah. And they probably listen to what he said too and was like, you're right, R, you're right. [INAUDIBLE] video never happened. No, but, but. So you can pretend like, oh, okay. But he won them over. He knows. He knows. He was like, oh, what? I mean, the thing is is you know. I read the article and that snippet went viral. So I was like all right let me see what R. Kelly had to say. His PR has been well at shutting that stuff down. That response though, it came from the earth. [CROSSTALK] He might as well have said [CROSSTALK] The press. With an [UNKNOWN] he might as well have said [UNKNOWN]. Cuz you know what I'm saying, it made more sense. But my thing is you could just say no comment, maybe he said let's move on. So he kind of did, no shade no teeth, kind of say like I've moved on from that. So maybe he's not into them. No, he could have said anything else but that. That caused the whole controversy. It brought everything, it created more questions. Yeah, it created more questions because you didn't really handle it. Exactly. He just have said no comment. I need you to be quiet. I'm gonna put you in a little school girl dress in a minute and I'm gonna put you on his Facebook. [LAUGH] I'll be like, I got another one for you. Oh, please don't. I don't want to get, pee'd on. Well we're gonna get OH!

R. Kelly Addresses Alleged Sex Crimes

R. Kelly spoke out about his history of sexual assault accusations. See our panel's thought on his comments.