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[MUSIC] What's up y'all? It's Amanda Seales here in NYC ready to talk about l-o-v-e. Now we all know that dating, relationships, and sex can be very complicated. So we want to know what you do in certain situations. So do you ask like whoever you're significant other is how many sexual partners they've had? I don't, that's none of my business. I want to know. I want to know it all. Don't try to sugarcoat it. Don't try to hide. No just be real. I honestly don't want to know. Right, don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to. Absolutely. I never learned that lesson. So do you think they're past even matters? It does. Why do you say that? Because I want to know how many children you have, how many baby mama's you have, how many long term relationships you had,. Good job. Can you be faithful? I want it to be monogamous. So that makes a difference. It matters as far as being safe. So I'd wanna know if they're somebody that's really promiscuous and just sleeps around with everyone and are they safe. And then I would say no because the past is the past and I wouldn't really wanna judge someone. What about their sexual partners, like does it matter if they slept with two, or 25, or? 200. It does matter. 200 is a high risk. A high risk for what? Sexual transmitted diseases. There it is. You just never know nowadays with the STDs that's running around. I just wanna know. Do you ask them about their HIV status? yes. That's important to know. To talk about it freely and maybe when you're joking around and not so serious so they won't be guarded and give you the answer that you want, but the actual answer of whether they're test or not. Right. I mean because people definitely will get scared into just lying, right? Yes. Especially if you're right there in the moment, ready to go, they just might lie. Ready to go. Not the time to ask. What makes you want to make that jump into being involved with someone intimately? If I really have strong feelings for them, if I, I love them, and I feel like this is, you know, something that could go far. Someone that I enjoy going out with, have a good time, and it doesn't have to lead to sex at all. Now keep it real, okay? Before you were together, did it always have to be like there's all of these things in place, or can it just be like, listen, I want to collect you? [LAUGH] [LAUGH]. Keep it real Channel Shades. [LAUGH] I'll have to defer [LAUGH] [LAUGH]. Yeah,you know, when I'm single, I can be single. You know? And you know, I don't, it always has to be like that. You know, they're will be those times. It's not the main goal. You know what I mean? Be careful, be careful, be careful. There's a sign I have in behind those shades. [LAUGH] Well, single ladies, it looks like we've got to keep asking questions, and keep, keeping it real. I'm Amanda Seales, and it's cold out here. [MUSIC]


We took to the streets to ask ladies about love.