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You also have a foundation and you're very involved in the lives of young black men. And you're very open and honest about that. What are you teaching your children about growing up and making the right life decisions and how does that overlap with your foundation work? Well I do have a Foundation, Phaedra Foundation, and I created my foundation so that hopefully I could empower families, students, other women and help to rebuild communities. Because you know our communities are at risk and so as now. A newly single mother of two African American boys my biggest program was save our sons and that was really targeted towards meeting the needs of young men who have found themselves without a great mentor who are finding themselves in a position where they are not sure of how to Progress as a student, as a professional and so if you watch the show this year. You saw that I had the opportunity to take the ladies. Some of the ladies to the million man march and some of the footage you didn't see. Was a powerful conversation with Honorable Louis Farrakhan. That lasted for several hours and we didn't get to show that on our show. But he has been a great mentor to me and a great support system for me and my boys. But I think what we have to be cognizant of As African-American mothers, is that our sons have a different plight from the majority and I have to be very realistic with them because we see it every day, that our children can walk out of any place be wrongly accused, not because of something that they're doing but Basically because of the color of their skin or their appearance. So I want to be very honest with my sons because they are not, this crosses socioeconomic grounds. It hits every neighborhood. And we see that they are extremely bright. They're extremely bright and intelligent. They are smart little boys, yes. And what are those conversations like at home? Do they have questions, those difficult questions that you try to At this point, no, because they're two and five. So we're just finishing potty training the two year old, and my five year old- Congratulations. [LAUGH] I know, it's quite the undertaking. And my five year old, he's a kindergartener. But I always want him to be very smart as far as how he deals with people and to recognize that You know he lives a very blessed life and that some people don't have plain water like the people that I'm obviously fighting for in Flint. Some people don't have access to the things that he has access to. Right, right. So I won't I want to teach my children to be very humble but be very grateful at the same time. But recognize that the struggle for people of color is very real. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Phaedra Parks Considers Minister Louis Farrakhan 'A Great Mentor'

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star's foundation is close to her heart as both a single mom and recent divorcee. So much in fact that in her visit to ESSENCE Live, Parks revealed that she has the support of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in helping to influence young men to walk the right path.