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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Renee Garnes, and I'm a Celebrity Makeup Artist. I first got into makeup artistry by. Default. I first started working in Barney's as a shop girl of sorts. And I was selling all types of different cosmetics and it just grew from there. I moved to Europe to become a makeup artist. I moved back to America after being in Europe for about ten plus years. [LAUGH] I got an agency here and I started working with celebrities. It's like Sharon Stone, Zo Kravitz. Some of my favorite moments working for Essence covers was working with Angela Bassett to date she is my client and I adore her. She's like my big sister in my head I also loved working with Sean Devine. I think she's an amazing woman, just ultra talented, nicest person you ever wanna meet. So that, for me, was a great defining moment. I love being a makeup artist so much because it gives you the opportunity to work with all these different, amazing people. You get to travel around the world. I mean, some days are not always Christmas Put it that way. But overall, I think it's a terrific career for someone who is interested in making people beautiful. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Pave the Way: Celebrity Makeup Artist Renee Garnes on Her Journey to Working With Famous Faces

Celebrity makeup artist Renee Garnes dishes on her start in the beauty industry, moving to Europe to hone her craft and working with famous faces like Angela Bassett and Shonda Rhimes.