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It's Christina Coleman with, and this is the Over Explainer. This week, the Trump administration released a questionable budget. It proposes an increase in military defense at the cost of some necessary programs to keep the same Americans he claims to protect, fed, clothed, and educated. People like coalminers in West Virginia Low-income families and other great Americans who supported him. [SOUND] So essentially what's she's that Trump doesn't care about you, you wasted your vote, good job losers.>> By the way that's my shade translator, Sydney Scott, shutout to Key and Peele. Not only does Trump propose with slash jobs in places like the labor department and EPA. He wants to live us jobless and unable to breathe? Like, come on, my man. What? And issue in cuts some places like the department of health and human services and department housing. Sick and homeless. Is this what you wanna do? Sick and homeless? They'll be out in the streets, dying. Dead in the streets! He's eliminating programs in the Department of Education and altogether doing away with agencies and programs like the United States Institute of Peace, the Minority Business Development Agency and, get this, Meals on wheels. Elderly people are already struggling to feed themselves, and now they won't be able to, and our kids are gonna be stupid? [SOUND] And when asked by reporters how the Trump administration could be So morally bankrupt as to disrupt and eliminate a program that feeds the seniors and provides them with safety checks. The budget director replied with can we ask the tax payer to pay for this? Saying the move was compassionate on tax Taxpayers' pockets. We actually can ask them to pay for this. Let me over-explain this to anyone who thinks Meals on Wheels is just some nice sounding program that doesn't need funding. The program assists up to 500,000 veterans per year. It aids more than 2.4 million people in this country. And most of the programs that stand to be affected by these cuts are put in place to benefit the same people Trump's administration touts as the Americans he wants to help. Who are you helping, you're not helping me, you're not helping anybody else. You're helping your own damn self, selfish, selfish. And the very bottom line Anyone who takes food and services away from babies and the elderly? Are straight up monsters.>>Little babies, and little old-ass ladies. Come on, my god, people!>>So, until next time. [MUSIC].

The OverExplainer: How Is Trump's Budget Going To Make America Great Again?

This week, the Trump administration released a questionable budget that proposes an increase in military defense at the cost of some necessary programs that keep Americans safe, fed, clothed and educated. Here, ESSENCE editors Christina Coleman and Sydney Scott (resident Shade Translator) break down why his slash and burn budget is bad for business.

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