<p>The OverExplainer - How Donald Trump's 'Locker-Room' Talk Feeds Rape Culture</p>

What a time to be alive.

In the span of a few weeks, we've seen GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump engage in multiple examples of misogyny by insulting the women who accused him of sexual assault, excusing his 'grab them by the p*ssy' comment as locker room talk and imply that a woman was not attractive enough to assault.

Oh, there was also the moment he called Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman," and the multiple tapes that have surfaced that show Trump making lewd and vulgar comments about women and girls (yep, even the one where he said he would be dating a 10-year-old child in 10 years).

The truth is, Trump's rhetoric isn't "locker room" talk. It isn't boy talk. Trump's entire idea about women serves a growing epidemic of rape and sexual assault and lends itself to rape culture.

Yes, we're talking about a presidential candidate.

Check out the video above to see ESSENCE Senior News and Culture editor Christina Coleman over explain the dangers of Trump's anti-women, misogynistic rhetoric.

See you at the polls!