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Today on Essence Live. Want to talk to Orange is the New Black's black Cindy. We've got actress Adrienne C. Moore live in the studio. So send us your questions for her now. We are helping you get a summer makeup look in just five easy steps Our Slayed or Shade panel is ready to take on the week in pop culture and news. Plus it's an exclusive performance from recording artist Bryce Vine. But right now it's the Hot List, the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Now, Claudia Jordan is doing some serious backpedaling after she all but confirmed that Jamie Fox and Katie Holmes are dating. The two had been rumored to be an item for some time now. And when Jamie's good friend Claudia was asked about them in a podcast interview earlier this week, she said the Oscar winning actor is quote, Very happy with Katie. But now she says she misspoke. She told Entertainment Tonight, a lot of times, I get asked questions about celebrities, some I know, some I don't. A lot of times we just give a safe kind of generic answer Answer. Sorry to not have this bombshell story, but I cannot confirm them. Mm-hm, right. But what say you? Should Claudia have kept her mouth shut? Have you ever put your foot in your mouth and told a friend's secret that you shouldn't have? Weigh in in the comment section or use #essencelive. [BLANK_AUDIO] after over 25 hours the democratic party sit in against gun violence is over, lead by civil rights icon and Georgia representative John Lewis. The sit in was a response to mass shooting that have plagued Country. One of their demands is for the passage of recent bills forbidding people on the FBI's terror watch list from purchasing guns. Newtown, Aurora, Charleston, Orlando. What is the tipping point? Are we blind? Can we see how many more mothers, how many more fathers need to shed tears of grief before we do something? Let's talk, Essence Live fam. Do you think the congressional Senate will finally lead to better gun control? Should the US follow Australia's lead and ban assault weapons altogether? Or should we all strap up and just be ready to defend ourselves? Send us your comments now. [MUSIC] After seven years of requests, Dywane Wade has finally posed for ESPN the magazine's body issue, and the fan response is a little mixed. While Dywane used the magazine article to open up about his body insecurities, recalling how he was always afraid to be naked in front of other people because of his outtie belly button, others aren't impressed with the cover photo. His_Chosen_Vessel wrote I just lost respect for you sir. This is not the Dwayne Wade that I find inspiring. How many zeros does one have to have to still maintain a good name, dignity and God's will? #unfollowed #prayingforyoustill. Simonesworld wrote They really brainwashing our black men, SMH. and King Killo was one of many who questioned Dwayne's sexuality. He wrote, try and be like Prince or you suspect. Because it looks like your wife caught you sending nudes to Chris Bosh. LOL. But it CW just be cool and shut all of them down with. This brothers can watch porn everyday and see naked people, including men, and don't get labeled gay. But when an athlete poses nude it's a different story? Why? The level of ignorance is disturbing. SMH. Seriously, ESPN has been doing the body image issue for years so why all the hate for Dwayne now? And how is a black man stripping down to overcome his insecurities, Mean he's being brainwashed or is secretly gay. Send us your comments now because we're gonna get all up and into it for slater shade next. It's thursday June 23rd and Essence live starts now. Welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair and we are already laughing all up in the studio. I cannot wait to get into the show. Streaming live on and on Facebook. So you know what that means. We want to hear from you. Send in your comments, questions, and shout outs to our Facebook page right now Use the hashtag #essencelive on Twitter and Instagram or you can e-mail us at All right let's kick things off with some slayed or shade. Joining me today we have one of the stars of the hit show, Orange is the New Black, Adrienne C. Moore. Hi guys. Welcome, welcome, welcome. We have digital beauty editor, Virginia Lowman. Hello, hello. Welcome back, my love. Thank you for having me. And last, but certainly not least, comedian Michelle Buteau back on the sofa. Where's my camera? Hi, how are you? Yes, turn it on! [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] How are you? Welcome, welcome everyone. So, as I mentioned, in today's hotlist there was some mixed reviews over Mr. Wade's ESPN magazine cover. Folks calling him gay for deciding to bare all and questioning if he did it just for the money. Mm. Panelists, what are your thoughts? Are we slaying or shading? On the count of three. One. Two. Three. Slayed, Shade, Slayed. No no no. Slayed. I'm gonna start with you because of the choreography, why is it a slay? I am one that celebrates the body and if it's one that beautiful why do we put it down? I mean I'm Look I'm a nudist in private, so I definitely think there's nothing wrong with that. Now if his wife is fine with it, then that's the only person he has to answer to in my opinion. [CROSSTALK] That [UNKNOWN] cover was Yes. It boiled your potato? It was just Mm-hm, you know it. The potato was twice baked. Good! It's good! That's the first twice baked we've had on SSI. [LAUGH] That's amazing. Now I'm hungry! [UNKNOWN] I'm hungry, too. I mean, if I lose seven pounds Everybody has to see me naked. I think people are very uncomfortable seeing such a beautiful black man naked. And it's making them question things. Women are naked all the time. Why can't he be naked? He is beautiful! and he's not even bearing. He's not bearing. Right. We're not seeing the jewels. The family jewels. Covered. I would be okay with that, too. Ew. He's not doing a Lebron, as they say. KK, what's going on over there? What are the fans saying? All right. There are some support and some confusion. All right. So IK says where's the correlation between sports and nudity? Maybe I have a little more understanding to do about what these guys are going through. All right. Dea Thomas says, I guess I'm not understanding why you need to be naked though. There's some support though. Renita James says the human body is beautiful when it's well taken care of. Nothing wrong with a tasteful body pose. We came in the world this way. Only people who are ashamed of their body will have something negative to say. Right. Yep. Yolanda says, Yolanda [UNKNOWN], not a big fan of [UNKNOWN] but I loves me some chocolate. Damn. Nice bodies. Okay sweet tooth! Felt like actually it's the whole point of it, is they use their body. It's to see their bodies, yeah. That's how they made it to there. I don't have an issue with him being naked. The pose wasn't my full forte. Would you want his legs open? Yeah. [LAUGH] One leg out. [LAUGH] Have a body issue. Let's have a body issue. But I don't see why sports and body have to correlate to the point where he can't be nude. I mean, obviously this is a particular piece about The body. So, [CROSSTALK] Right. Let that just be. [CROSSTALK] This is a beautiful ever like that. I'm so strong. What it is not. In fact, you need all clear. Yeah. I think he's tasteful. [CROSSTALK] Or gorgeous. Yeah, it's hard. All sorts of things. We'll, gonna go on to number two. Okay. We'll gonna come back with. All right, yeah. We'll definitely talk on these for a long time. So, much talk. I wanna take the credit [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] There have been some rumblings on Toni Braxton and Birdman being an item after this backstage photo of the two went viral. Yes. With the lip bite. Since then Tony has brought Birdman onstage during some of her concerts, and there's even video of the two holding hands during a recent radio visit. Toni's mother had this to say about her daughter's alleged boo, take a look. He is a nice guy. [CROSSTALK] Thank you! That's what I said. I don't care what other's say about him He is a nice player. He's very very nice. He is. He's full of respect. Yes, he is. [LAUGH] He had some respect of it. Respect of it, respect of it. [LAUGH] He's full of respect. What do you think? Do you give some respect on their relationship? Let's say you slayed or shading Tony Burman. 1, 2, 3. You know what? A shade and a Slayed, ooh 50/50 [UNKNOWN] why you on the fence? So, I can't shade because, or fully shade, because I feel like you have to be in support of ;love if that's what that is Ok Well, I guess that's the slayed part. Okay, okay. But the shade part is, I don't know if I'm necessarily shading the idea of them having a relationship. Or if we're speculating that they're together because a picture circulated. You know what I mean? I don't know, I just think- I don't know, Michelle, thoughts? I don't know, I feel like Toni's been through so much, especially Dancing With the Stars. That was terrible. I feel, just kidding y'all. But no, let her just do her thing, even if they're just friends or friends with benefits, or just gonna collaborate and do something. Maybe she just wants to date a bad guy. Not a bad guy, a bad boy. Like a rebel. I thought you said a bad guy. I was like wow. No, not a bad guy, a bad boy is what I meant. Aijey what do you want? I know that shady. She wants to date a guy with some respect. You feel shade,we should shade it. For real. I made it here I'm making sure the camera see all this. See alls of it. See all of this. All of that. And this phony tail is thrown to shade to show what the phony tail to go. [LAUGH] Okay let me just say this and I love the Braxtons,I have been a fan of the Braxtons. TV show on WE channel since day one. And having said that, if you know Toni Braxton you know Toni does not deal with those kind of guys. True. Now Tracy. I can see Tracy hitting that all day long. [APPLAUSE] If she wasn't married. That's Right up Tracy's alley. Mm-hm! But I just feel like [SOUND] and I hate to say this. But I would not be surprised if a little picture that floated out became this big thing and they're riding the wave of that. Right, yeah. [INAUDIBLE] You slayed but I'm throwing shade, you slayed but I'm throwing shade on that. Kayla what do the fans have to say on Facebook? Everybody is just saying no, no to Tony. Ronda Morales says no, Tenisha says girl bye I don't even like him and Yvette Sanies Tony please don't. Doesn't like what? Doesn't like what? And now we are going to move along. Gonna move right on along to another story you may remember from earlier this year. What is it? Gonna real them in in here. Pittsburg tv news anchor Wendy Bell was fired after a comment she made about shooting went viral. Although there have been no arrests made in the case, Wendy wrote this on her Facebook. They are young black men likely in their teens or early 20s. They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs. These boys have been in the system, they know the police, they've been arrested. She is now suing the station for back-pay. Legal fees in her old job, claiming that, if her comments were about white criminals or she happened to be a black person, she wouldn't have gotten fired for her remarks. Uh-oh. On a count of three: one, two, three, are we slayeding or shading? I'm so confused? And, what are you shading or slayeding? We're all on the fence. See, I think that the news networks slayed by firing her. Right. I think her comments are so shady so that's What I mean to say. That's fair, that's fair. Yeah. Virginia? She just tried it. Like, you tried it. She did. She took it too fair And there's literally no further words. You tried it. You made a misinformed statement and decision, and now you're paying the consequences of it, and you want people to feel sorry for you because You're insensitive. Because you tried it Right. You tried it. You tried it. Angie you got the final word on this one. We got a shade. Well, I'll just say this, anytime you make comments without the facts you're making a lot of assumptions. And when make assumptions you are making an a double money sign out of yourself, not me. You catch the drift. [LAUGH] Thank you so much for my slayed to shade panel. Kaylee do you have a few shout outs over there for me? Shout out to Yolanda Mitchell. She says what's up ladies. People were really excited to see our guest Cindy. Everyone is shouting out Black Cindy. Every one is saying "Hi Cindy Girl!" [LAUGH] Shout out to everyone. Well there you go. All right, we got some fans. Thank you so much Michelle, thank you so much Virginia. Adrienne, you gonna stick around a little bit, right? Gonna have a little kiki? Don't move cuz Adrienne's gonna give us some T on the new season of Orange is the New Black. Make sure to send in your questions or comments right now, now now now now now. But first Vivica Fox and Jesse T Usher tell us about why they signed on for Independence Day Resurgence. [MUSIC] There had been a rumor about Independence Day happening for the last five years on and off. And then at the time Will, he was doing so many sequels back to back to back that he just couldn't fit it in his schedule. And then I heard that he wasn't going to do, be a part of the sequel. And I hate, I'm just going to keep it real with you all, selfish actors over here, well dang there goes my storyline. The black people aren't going to be black. Going to be back. So I was a little bummed when I heard that he didn't wanna participate in the sequel which he just wanted to take his career in another direction. And the beautiful thing was that he did give us our, his blessings and so when I got the call from my agent saying that they wanna keep your storyline alive. So I'm now hospital administrator and she's mature and mentoring her son. Dylan, who is played by Jessie T. Usher Is stepping into the shoes of Steven Hiller who is played by Will Smith. At this point in his life when the film starts up, he's a captain in this new Earth space, and there's a lot of people look up to him. He's lived in his dad's shadow forever, so there's pressure for the character necessarily. So, me playing him, it was just so different than the Steven character. I kinda just got a chance to come in and And do my own thing. They took 20 years to make a sequel because they wanted it to be good. And the fans have been requesting it for the last 15 years. They wanted it back. It means something to them. And just the way that we made the film was like a creative tornado. I don't know, people are excited to see a great disaster movie, then this will be the one. Hi, my name is Tamara and I'm from Jersey and you're watching Essence Live. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair and hanging out with us a little more today is an actress you know as Black Cindy from Orange is the New Black. Miss Adrienne C. Moore. Hello, yes sexy eye, sultry glance. [LAUGH] Thank you so much for joining us. Is this your first time joining us here at Essence Live? It is. Did you enjoy yourself with a little [INAUDIBLE] I enjoyed it. I feel like now I have to put on my good girl looks. Hi guys, how are you, I'm Adrianne. Now I'm gonna jump right into it. Black Cindy is a huge favorite with fans. You're known for a lot of your facial expressions and quick one-liners. How did you approach this character? I feel like Black Cindy was a character for me in the making you know dating all the way back to my birth and that I felt like I knew, I think everybody knows a black Cindy, or they are a black Cindy. It's like my spirit animal. so she wasn't, you know, hard for me to kind of tap into because I felt like growing up in Atlanta, I ran across several, several black Cindys. Shout out to all the black Cindys of the world. Shout out to Atlanta. Who keep it real On it. Now, do fans come up to you able to stream and start quote, saying your lines from the show back to you like wait what am I saying around seven, I don't know? I said that, I'm like, I said, yes, yes. There are some, I have some favorites, but then I always love it when fans have their favorites that they share with me. Mm-hm. Absolutely, like the Bill Gates one The shot to the ****, the one about the Amalekites. Yes. And the rats- Right, yes. No and so yes, I love it. I love it. And speaking of your fans, we've actually got a fan question, coming to you. Kayla, what you got? A lot of comments coming in, everyone showing love, Anali Ali, I'm only watching for Orange is the new Black talk, I cried real tears, Adrian, real tears, she said. Uh-oh. Sunny weather spoon. Love you, Adrienne. Misha [UNKNOWN] says I watch the whole season for Orange is the New Black in one day. My God. I want more. LOL. I watched the whole season two in one day. I'm only on four, y'all. You're only on four? Is it weird to binge watch yourself? Well, I don't even know if I can stay awake long enough to binge watch myself, just because the few moments that I have, I'm usually falling asleep and tired. But it is, I think the show is so good that I enjoy watching my castmates work, because they do some Very dynamic work. And I'm a fan of theirs. I'm a huge fan of theirs. That has to make for a great work environment. Absolutely, we respect each other immensely. We are big supporters of each other when we're on set and we're filming difficult scenes like some of the ones you see this season. We're always in support of one another and give each other what they need. You know, in that moment. And you have a lot of political undertones in your conversation, especially in your role. Are you, is Adrienne as political if you will as Black Cindy? Well Adrienne certainly has her opinions. It's interesting when it comes to politics because I'm a little in and I'm a little out. Because I feel like [LAUGH] And I say this because I worked for the government years ago, and I just go, that it was just like this, kind of like a rat race. Everyone was in it, but was anything ever really getting done? So I sort of felt like sometimes, does my opinion even really matter? No shave, but I love government. [LAUGH] But, I feel that sometimes politics can be a very touchy subject, so I'm knowledgeable enough to be able to maybe have an opinion. Mm hm. But all the facts and figures, I try and stay outta those. That's fair enough, that's fair enough. We have another fan question for you. Kate? Yvette wants to know, is Black Cindy still a Jew? [LAUGH] Yes, Honey! You can call me t- Thover with an H, thank you. [LAUGH] Yes Thover with an H. [LAUGH] All right, and now we're gonna switch [UNKNOWN] a little quick just have a little fun do a little role play if you will- Okay. As black Cindy, can you tell us Whether or not you would vote for Trump, excuse me, would you vote for Trump, or Clinton? Did you even need to ask black Cindy [UNKNOWN] that question? She would not vote for Trump, no. At all. At all. At all. At all. And, I just mentioned that a lost of us binge watch, I binge watch, I was making fun of some of the people in the crew, because they didn't binge watch Fast as I did. Shame shame shame. For this season. What say you about those who are putting spoilers out there on social media because a lot of people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they're like, for those of you who binge watch, you're telling me what happened in the last episode. What do you have to say to fans about that, spoiling it for others? I can understand because this Season is probably one of our most powerful, dramatic and emotionally impactful season. So I can understand why fans want and have the need to wanna get that emotional, those emotional Feelings out I just tell the people that haven't watched it yet just stay off social media. You can take it for a day or two. [LAUGH] Girl you just ask somebody to give up their first born just now by saying stay off social media. I know, I just got on the Snapchat and I swear I am posting something on Snapchat Every 20 seconds so check out my snapchat. What's your snap handle? Adriancmoore And don't forget the C if you wanna see more, you see what I did there? Yes That's me bars all day [LAUGH] Adrian thank you so much Thank you so much You're welcome to Essence Live Any time. Thank you. We'll get you a badge, you can just swipe right on in. Yes! You can see Adrienne on Orange Is the New Black, streaming now on Netflix. Coming up, if you're missing the fun, carefree days of the 90s, stick around because Bryce Vine is going to perform his ode to the decade later in our show. But right now, singer Dawn explains the inspiration behind her song Wake Up. [MUSIC] So my third installation to my trilogy is called Redemption Heart. It's the final installment to my trilogy of albums that I set out to do like three years ago. So one of my favorite songs in Visuals was actually just released, it's called Wake Up. And I'm really proud of it. It talks about really wanting To stay in your dream and applaud the dreamers out there. When I originally embarked on this whole process, I told everyone I was independent and I told them that I was gonna do a trilogy, and they laughed at me and they loved to use the word you are so ambitious, good luck, you know? That's kind of like the pat on the head, good try little girl, kind of thing. And it, I don't know. It ignited a fire in me to say, okay. I'm up for the challenge. And three years later, here we are. And we're at the final installation of the album. And it really rings true. No one should wake you up from your dream. You see it the way you see it. Go there and stay there as long as you choose. Create the world you wanna live in. [MUSIC] It says, don't wake me up, I've been dreaming of you, and this love, and it's not this love as in a relationship, but this love, and this passion in this heart. That we have, it ricochet from the next dreamer into the next dreamer. So it ricochet from me to you. So there's this kind of light that I'm basically saying this passion that I have, when you feel that from a dreamer, it's contagious. [MUSIC] You are watching Essence LIfe. I'm your host Dana Blair. All right, ladies. It's officially summer time. And we need to make sure we keep it cute especially when it comes to our make up routine, get the face right. Here to help us do just that is make-up artist Tara Lauren, welcome back. Thank you for having me back Thank you for being here! Did you like my singing? Almost had it, that note, a little Shade of it all, shade of it all, but any who, you're here today to show us how to achieve the ultimate summer face in five easy steps, but before we get into that, what is one One must-have item every woman needs in her beauty bag this summer. I think a lot of people overlook an important aspect in beauty, especially summertime beauty, and that's SPF. Okay. It's really important to have. It protects our sun from- our Skin from the sun's rays. A lot of times women of color feel like they don't need it or it's not necessary but even the melinated beauties need SPF. Yes, melinated beauty. So we are going to jump right into it. What is- Before we do, I have to acknowledge our beautiful model Jessica. Yes. Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for coming in. And being our fabulous summer model. Okay, so five easy steps. I don't really believe you guys could be [UNKNOWN] and it's gonna be easy, but what is step number one? Step number one is that in foreign aspect, I was telling you about SPF. A lot of cosmetic brands start with at least 15 SPF. A lot of them go to at least 30- Mm-hm. From their foundation to their tinted moisturizer, today I'm using a tinted moisturizer, that's going to make the skin nice free and airy. This is not like a beat, we're just going for a nice everyday look that can translate from work to a barbecue, to a day party. And y'all love y'all's day parties. Just want to look fresh, not overly done. Don't worry too much cuz the last thing you wanna do is melt in front of people when you're out. What is step number two? Step number two is brows. Brows. Brows to me are like the frame of the face. I like to use a product like a pencil because Not only can I control how much I'm putting on my brows, I feel like a lot of people going for the overstated heavily contoured brow. I call it the Instagram eyebrow.. Well you know, I just feel like a nice natural brow is everything. So that is step number two. Yes. Okay what is step number three. That number three is actually one of my favorite steps. It's blush. And this is featured in the Essence Beauty Box this month. It sure is. This ombre blush, which I actually feel like I really need to get some of. Well you can [CROSSTALK] That was my hint that I just dropped. That was a hint that I just dropped. You can feel it after. I dropped a hint. Okay. So talk to me a little bit about the brush. A lot of women I find are kind of scared of blush, brush is a great way to enhance the skin tone, it just add a little bit of a pop to the skin, I love this Ombre Brush because not only that it has nice beautiful bronze color it also have like this nice shimmer on top that is isn't over stated. I feel like a lot of times with illuminizers and things of that nature you can go a little bit too harsh and nobody wants to look like a brick of gold. I'm not adding any more product, I'm just blending and building on from what I had. So how do you know where to apply on the cheek and how far to bring it up. Like I said, it's right here on the apple. I would put the concentrated amount right here and just buff out Ok, you want a nice fluffy brush and just buff it in. Remember, you can always start with a little bit and then you can increase, but you can't take it off. So, if you start with a little, add it, you're good. But you can't put too much and take it off.>>Gotcha, fair enough. So what is our next stuff? I think we are already up to number four!>> We are! We are up to one my favorites, the lips. I feel like lips, especially like a statement lip, is a place where you can have fun. You don't have to be too matchy matchy with your outfit, you could put something on that breaths life into your skin because remember you're going soft. So I'm starting with her on like an orangey red. I've picked this red because like I said, orange looks really good on sun-tanned, sun-kissed skin. So I picked this orangey red. That is sure to pop any outfit and any skin tone. Now during the summer time is there a rule that you should try to go for a matte verses a gloss, like one or the other? I definitely like to go for a matte. At. Just because it's a little bit low maintenance. If you don't mind having to touch up your gloss, or anything like that, go for it. Have fun. But I definitely like mattes, I feel like they're low maintenance. You can have fun, and don't have to worry about your lip Coming off. And this lip is actually coming together really, really nicely. And also, I like using, I feel like every woman should have a lip brush in their kit. This is great to get precision and to get a nice application. Especially when you're using a really bold color, right? Exactly, cuz you wanna make sure that you get it in a In a really nice place. Now can women of our various complexions, can they do any color? Or are there any rules to how bold certain complexions should or should not go? I definitely feel like makeup is a self-expression. Like go and try that color that you probably have seen one of your girlfriends [INAUDIBLE] or maybe one of your favorite stars on the red carpet. Go and try it out. There's so many makeup retailers that allow you to try looks on before you take it home. So step out of your box and try on color. Or before you go out that day party, just saying. Okay, now do you need liner when you're using a bold lip like this? That's why I really think that lip brushes are important. Because they allow you to have the precision of getting the color applied rather than using added products. Okay. Fair enough. And now the piece de resistance. Now- Number 5, our final step, what's the final step? The final step is another thing that I feel like a lot of women of color don't embrace, and that's bronzer A lot of times we think about sun tans and how they come into the skin. We don't understand is that we can create shadows in our face. A lot of people are really big on the contour. Sometimes it could be a little drastic. I just like to create like a little Kind of warmth to the skin. When I think bronzer, I think of Shimmy Shimmy. And we've already added some sparkle to the cheeks. How do we know how to pair the proper bronzer with the shimmer in the cheek? I mean, don't be afraid to add a little, if you wanna get a bronzer with a little shimmer, there are a lot of brands out there that do provide that. It's great for the summer. You want to look nice and sun kissed and dewy but if you want to go for a little bit more of a subtle just that warmth, I would go with a matte like I have here.>>>I see your applying around her face, what are the rule of application, like where?>>>Yeah I like to think of bronzer as the rule of three. You want to do the shape of a 3. You want to start from the forehead and under the cheek bone and under the chin. Again on this side, the rule of 3. Over the forehead, into the cheek, into the chin. You can do nice circular motions, kind of like a buffing. This is like shading it in. And just like that 1,2,3,4,5. Very natural. You look Absolutely stunning. Thank you. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There we go. All right, and don't go anywhere. Because you know what? These tips are super easy to follow. We'll have all of this on the site for you, try them this summer. And don't forget to sign up now to and subscribe to the Essence Beauty Box For great beauty products like the blush we featured today. Plus I'm gonna check back with you on social media. What do you think of the look? You like it or are you ditching all your makeup this summer? I'm not doing that. Let us know. Our black girl magic moment of the week is up next. Meet Jessica. She's ecstatic about her new dentures. But she's stuck. And has no idea how to start or grow her business. Luckily, she heard about Essence fest and decided to book her ticket. Jessica can't wait to join the first ever Essence Money and Power Expo in New Orleans. Featuring the all new LEAP, RUN, GROW entrepreneurship village. The free expo features Entrepreneurship, Finance, Career and Technology Programming. With deep dive sessions And boot camps to learn how to pitch your small business, build strategic business partnerships, position your career, create a winning resume and create an app. Are you ready? Join us in New Orleans. [BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching Essence Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. And it's now time for our black girl magic moment of the week which goes to Miss Earnestine Shephard who just turned 80 years young. Not only does Earnestine hold the title of being the world's oldest body builder Yes, oldest bodybuilder. She also released her first book, and has been married 60 years. She wrote on her Facebook page, I am 80 years young today, and I thank God for bringing me this far. I'm still determined, I'm still dedicated, and I'm still disciplined to be fit. Listen, We need to get our lives together because if Ernestine can look like that at 80, you just go girl. And remember you can watch Essence's original Black Girl Magic documentaries at Girl Magic. Now, Malikah Watkins checked in on Facebook, I see you girl, and you asked, did I miss Black Cindy? Yes, you did- but, stick around for the replay after the show. All right, all right, all right, Miss Kayla. Hey. What is everybody saying out there on Facebook world? People were super excited that Adrienne was here, Daphne said my god, following Adrienne on Snapchat. Hey Daphne In regards to Dwyane Wade's ESPN cover, Robin Renee says really, people are gonna complain regardless. It's his choice and no one has the right to judge him. He also says he is gorgeous, lovely pic. Hope he does much more. And regarding their anchorwoman who was fired, Shaniqua Nelson says she tried it and my god, comments without the facts, foul flag is thrown. Regarding Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes secretly dating. It was a mixed bag of responses. Okay Monica Rivera says Katie and Jamie can enjoy their love for one another in the open. The public knows that movie stars get divorced and find another partner, it's okay. Jen Stewart says those kids would be so damn cute. Thea Milton says, whose always running her mouth! And Vashti Pool says Claudia Jordan is a non-factor just like Stacey Dash. Okay then, so we now put Claudia Jordan in the Stacey Dash pile. In the same bag. In the same bag. Okay. All right. Thanks to Orange Is the New Black actress Adrienne Seymour, makeup artist Tara Lauren, and all our slay to shade panelists for coming through, and of course I love each and every one of you for watching us on Facebook live at, and my side boo Kayla. Thank you so much for everything. Cuz you know you gotta keep those compliments coming everybody. You never know when Kayla or I will shout you out right here on the show. If you missed any of today's show, you can catch the replay shortly on and see all of our videos on our YouTube page. All right, his new album is Night Circus, it's on sale now, and you may recognize this song as the theme to the hit Starz sitcom Survivor's Remorse. Here is Bryce Vine with Sour Patch Kids. I'm Dana Blair. And I'll see you next week. [MUSIC] Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO]

'Orange is The New Black' Star Adrienne C. Moore Hits 'ESSENCE Live' to Spill Tea on New Season

On this week's episode, Orange is The New Black star Adrienne C. Moore stops by to dish on details behind the new season of the Netflix hit, makeup artist Tara Lauren gives us pointers on how to master an easy summer look, our #SlayedorShade Panel weighs in on everything from Dwayne Wade's body issues to Toni Braxton and Birdman's possible love affair and more!