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[MUSIC]. I grew up surrounded by black women. I had my grandmother. I had my aunt. I had my great aunt. And it's just. Magic. That's what they are. Black girls are the future. Black girls are magic. [LAUGH] To me it means like black women are like the mothers of everyone. They don't want to admit it, but like women really do run the black community. So it's really, really cool. [LAUGH] Yeah. When you spittin truth. Yeah. So it's really cool to like see that recognized. I like the black girls are magic like statement because like we're put down all the time, everybody hates us, we never even do anything wrong. Like, they're like black girls just black girls down I'm like But when we get a dark skin black girl or a fat black girl, you like, you're not even seen. Black girls magic is like a manifestation of like your own power. That what you guys This is who I am and I get to define myself, so here it is. And I think is really dope. [LAUGHTER] This is as kids we have to grow up faster than everybody else, because we are conflicted with the idea of racism and like. Then when if you're a girl you have to like. Misogyny, don't dress that way, don't sit that way. We can't do a lot of things that let's say our white counterparts are able to do. And it's just like, I wanna be carefree, I wanna run around down South with no shoes on and my hair in a afro. I just wanna be happy, it really hurts me and it bothers me that I can't be the alternative weird black girl that I am. [INAUDIBLE] It would be just harder for everyone in general, for society to continue as-is, with people maintaining their privilege if black girls were allowed to be complex. All those things become incredibly difficult when you allow someone to actually manifest their truth and what they're good at. [MUSIC] We're not waiting for anyone to validate us. Like, we're not waiting for you to be like word I agree with you guys, cuz I We don't really care that much at the end of the day. True. The amount of criticism that has arisen from just trying to be ourselves and helping people to be themselves, that's what agency is and that's what being a carefree black kid is. You don't need someone elses external valuation. [MUSIC]

No Validation Necessary: 'Black Girl Magic is a Manifestation of Your Own Power'

Black Girl Magic is a thing of a million words that none of us learned but we all know we have. ESSENCE salutes young Black women like The Art Hoe Collective who know that there is no need of validation as a key for our survival--we thrive on our own no matter what.