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I would like me as a Dad. And that's, I think as parents,that's what we all want to be. I am a kid myself. I have a candy store in my house. I have a slide that slides into our couch so the kids are like he is our playmate But at the same time, I'm still a stern father, because I'm all about discipline and respect, but I'm the biggest kid in the world. [MUSIC] Probably the most embarrassing moment, I tell my son that, we start doing the potty training times. Like, yo, if you have to go to the bathroom, man, make sure you get up and go to the bathroom. So, he And we are out at a park and friends and everybody is arround and he had to go to the bathroom so his idea [LAUGH], he knew that there wasn't a physical facility so he dropped trough and just let it all happen in the park and I'm like [LAUGH] alright I appreciate your exhibitionism. And it was a win because he didn't do it in his pants but he just let everybody See his cannon. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Nick Cannon Reveals His Most Embarrassing Dad Moment

Listen to Nick Cannon dish on loving fatherhood because he's still just a big kid himself. From in-home candy stores to slides helping him and the kids get to the couch just a little faster, check out ESSENCE Live to hear Nick Cannon's most embarrassing moments as a dad.