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7 New R&B Crooners You Need To Check Out


Our playlist are upgraded thanks to the new cast of R&B crooners we’ve been listening to. They’re sharing their emotions with us almost as though they’ve intrusted us with their journals. The lyrics used to share their stories of teenage love, idenity, growing up homelesss and making it, cut deep and create a space for us to be honest with ourselves as we learn to navigate what it means to heal, be brave and love. 

They aren’t playing by R&B’s traditional rules of sticking to a slow moving tempo, but they are staying true to the genre’s emotional vulnerability. R&B has alway pulled inspiration from gospel, pop and rock & roll, but these artists are doing it liberally —creating a brand new blueprint. 

These are some of the artists we’re listening to these days: 

Daniel Ceasar– The 22-year-old’s music is like a mini Wednesday night revival service in your ears. His latest album, Freudian was released this summer. 

Khalid– This 19-year-old is creating youthful R&B with a dance worthy upbeat tempo. His music has nostalgic moments we can all relate to. Khlaid released, American Teen earlier this year. 

Jacob Banks- He’s Nigerian-born and British-bred, but the 26-year-old’s sound nods to dirty delta blues. Be sure to check out his latest single, Unknown (to you)

Sampha- This 28-year-old lays out his life growing up in London with just his voice and 26 keys. His latest album, Process is like an adult lullaby.

Benjamin Clementine- This 28-year-old’s dark airy vocals will remind you of Nina Simone, he has that sort of rawness. He first learned to use his voice while busking in the Paris subways. Now his theatrically spun together lyrics are flooring audiences around the world. His latest album,  I Tell A Fly is an immigrant’s story

Steve Lacy– The 19-year-old is known for producing everything on an iPhone. He’s taking that same innovative spirit and translating it to his rock and roll style R&B. His self titled ep is hella experimental. 

Moses Sumney– The Solange approved west coast crooner’s music is a spiritual experience, his vocals reach down deep as he explores the meaning of aloneness and intimacy. His debut album, Aromanticism is the perfect edition to your selfcare Sunday rituals. 

Check out the above video, then go check out some of these newbies. Don’t miss out on your blessing! 


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