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[MUSIC] One, two, three, four come on. [MUSIC]. Water seed was actually was somewhat of a, came to me in some what of a dream. We really gravitated towards this because we wanted to shape the sound of. Those two words, not have something put on us. Water represents knowledge, seed represents growth. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] We, we like to experiment. So, New Orleans is a port city. Things from all over the world come into the country through New Orleans, and we kind of take a little bit of everything from around the world, make it into something. So we, we do that even amongst ourselves. [MUSIC]. It's just, they're stories. I'm dealing with love and love you know whether it's relationships, love of god or you know family it doesn't matter. And it, a lot of those songs you know can be dealing with the positive sides or the negative sides. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE]

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