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[MUSIC] [MUSIC] I am Silenne Spence, and I am a singer songwriter. And I 've been writing songs since I was eight years old. Bloom is actually inspired by my daughter Danielle. And the story of the song Bloom is really about the events surrounding her birth, and the transition that that had in my life. I would say, it's definitely an extension of my personality, myself. [MUSIC] Wrote the EP actually in the middle of nowhere, in a number of places on the lake down in Georgia where I live and a horse farm. Some songs were written and they really, I think, not even intentionally, I think the songs just represent a free, a sense of freedom. A sense of peace because I think at the time that I was writing these specific songs that's what I was looking for through telling my stories. In this EP I think it allowed me to find that peace and I think it, it translates when I think when someone is hearing it. That sense of calm. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] That process of finding myself and understanding who am I as a person as an artist, and allowed me to focus on my words, my, my, my poetry. [MUSIC]

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