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Months after Ms.NeNe [SOUND] Leakes announced she was leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta, she's coming back. NeNe apparently made a surprise appearance in Jamaica, where her former cast mates were filming their Season 8 trip. According to sources, she only made the brief comeback because producers reached Out to her due to lackluster story lines from other housewives. All right, now, you all, we all know how reality TV works. Miles, I'm gonna need you to chime in. [LAUGH] Okay, guys, on the count of three is this a slade or shade, one, two, three. Oh so Shade. There's always, [CROSSTALK] always one. Okay now I'm gonna start with you on the reality [UNKNOWN] You know what ,this show, my thoughts is this show is Nene is just the baddest, they need her. So that's a slayed for Nene, they need her. But they added new cast members this year, they have What's her name? Kim Fields? Right. Well, I don't know. I kinda feel like she doesn't really know what she walked into, to be quite honest with you. How could you not know? I know, right? I'm sorry. She's probably like, what, is this for real? And I love Kim. I mean, I thought I was Tootie. So, anyway, but. [UNKNOWN] Okay, Ray. I see you over there dying to get in on this one. The show should be called Nene Leakes and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cause she's carried that show for like seven, eight seasons. So I really think, and then they said it was about money. Pay her what she's worth. At the end of the day. Everybody's story line last season was about her. So I'm not surprised that there are no story lines. He barely had story lines to begin with. right. It's kinda hard to imagine housewives without [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Oh wow, I love sayin that. When you [CROSSTALK] think of the entire franchise->> I love sayin that name. When you think of the entire franchise across the board>> That's true. [CROSSTALK] I think it's Like for Nene to be able to go back and obviously like you said, she's gonna make a lot of money off of this. Right, right. She's done well after leaving, she's going back. She's gonna make a lot of money. I think the shade is, if I recall correctly. And I don't watch Housewives all the time but I have seen a few episodes. And I've heard her say that she as past that. Right. So the fact that she was beyond that no too long ago, but now going back. You bet. That's a little bit shady because she threw her cast mates under the bus before. That's fair enough. Miles, would you go back and do another season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood knowing what you know now? yes, I would [CROSSTALK] that was a pause. Differently, but you know. Situations have changed, but yeah I would go back. What would you do differently. You'll have to wait and see. [LAUGH] No. [CROSSTALK] We still in the middle of the season. Ya'll gotta save a little bit. Ya'll gonna be like, oh he gonna go [UNKNOWN] well let me ask you this. So there's certain things that you would choose to leave off of camera. So which would be more a little more [UNKNOWN] going back doing a season two?>> I'm an open book. You guys have watched me. I'm open. I'm all out there now. Their ain't no more secrets for me. You take a leap off the clip, honey. [UNKNOWN] You already went there, so I don't know what. Ain't no more secrets. I don't have no more secrets. My secret. Hey. No more secrets for me. Fair enough. Alright, our third topic. Well, actually, before we get to our third topic, I'm gonna check in with you out there on Facebook family Wendy Stewart said, and I quote, "I thought she was done with that and she didn't want or need that drama...better be careful you burn down those bridges." Ok Tanya. I'm just saying Wendy. They're on your side. Thank you Wendy for your comment.

NeNe Leakes Makes Her Return to 'RHOA'

NeNe Leakes is set to make surprise guest appearances on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Will our panel throw shade or give it a slay?