It’s been more than a week since Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers were reaalllly introduced to Kenya Moore’s estranged husband, Marc Daly.

Although the Brooklyn-based restaurateur has made several appearances on the Bravo reality show before, last Sunday’s episode saw Daly organizing a fundraiser to promote and uplift Black men.

A quick check on your Twitter timeline and you’ll see fans were turned off by Daly’s behavior at his event—from not thanking his wife for helping to organize the affair to not immediately welcoming his host, Mike Hill, to yelling at producers to stop filming.

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When Nene Leakes stopped by ESSENCE, we asked her how she felt about the episode that raised even more red flags about Moore’s rocky marriage.

“He’s not a camera guy,” Leakes says about Daly. “He’s not on a show like we are; we’re really on the show. The husbands are not on the show that often.”

“They don’t know some of the stuff that we know. We know we have a hot mic on. You know what I’m saying?” she continues. “I know if I’m going to get into the producer’s face while I’m still mic’d, even though the cameras might go down, my mic is still on.”

Leakes is referring to how RHOA included audio of Daly telling producers off-camera that he felt their presence at his event was “invasive.”

He then began yelling at them to stop filming at the event. “I’m giving you five minutes,” he warned. “It’s going to be ugly. I don’t give an F.”

The reality star, who’s had a long-running feud with the former pageant queen, adds: “I think that [Marc] doesn’t like Kenya. I’m clear about that. I also think he was being true to who he was that night…it didn’t come off great on camera.”

The same week of Daly’s event, he and his wife, Moore, filed for separation two years after they wed in St. Lucia. The parents of a 1-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, are reportedly working on their marriage.

Moore herself said that her estranged husband made her feel like a “work buddy” instead of a wife at the event.

“I should’ve been treated in a way that honored the gifts that I had…and I just don’t think it ended up like that,” she told Bravo. “All night there was tension. I didn’t think he was warm to me. He never thanked me in front of the crowd…but I kept my head up and a smile on my fave to represent our family well.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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