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Now I have to ask you about the hat. Now because you recently took your hat off, I thought we were going to be twinsies. Well, see the thing is I decided to do this whole self love thing at the worst possible time. It's cold as hell outside. [LAUGH] I understand. Yeah, and with no hair on the head. You feel my pain. I understand what you're saying. With no hair on the head, it makes it a little colder for you Yeah, so come summertime you will definitely see more of the dome but right now with all that happening out there, yeah, I'm just going keep it- Are you going to share with the Essence Live family the baldy? It's warm in here. See, man, you called me out. Here, okay, so here's the thing. What happened was. I have decided that I am no longer ashamed of my head, however. Mm-hm. Just like anybody, just like any hairstyle, you're not going to walk out the house with your hair undone, right? True. So I'm not going to show my head when I haven't And had a haircut. You know, I understand on a whole other level, Neo. Really? Really? A whole other level. Yeah, when it's clean and it's shaven and it's nice. It's like alright. Cool. Yeah. Didn't I tell you anything? What? Boom. You see your style. But then your hair start growing back and it's like ugh. You feel just dirty and homeless. Yeah. Mm-hm. I understand how you feel. But- Sleeping on the floor. [LAUGH] On the floor. In your own home. Curled up. Curled up like, what's wrong with my life? With no heat. I get it. I get it. What's wrong with my life?

Ne-Yo Says He's No Longer Ashamed of His Head, But Here's Why He Won't Take Off His Hat Yet

Ne-Yo says he's having a self love moment and is no longer ashamed of his baldy. Hear why he's not quite ready to reveal the baldy just yet.