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[SOUND] So Valentine's Day is coming up, I know you have something elaborate planned. Yes, I do, and I'm not gonna talk about it- I did not, I wasn't gonna ask for it. Because I think that's the thing about surprising, they're not surprises anymore when we talk about them. But yeah, definitely planning some stuff Valentine's Day, got to. But what about the brothers out there on Essence Live or the women who are trying to drop hits for their man, what can they do for Valentine's Day? You got any tips for them? Okay, well I definitely do. Well one misconception that a lot of men make is that you gotta spend a lot of money on Valentine's Day. You do not have to spend a lot of money on Valentine's Day. It's not about how much money you spent. It's about how much thought you put into the gift. Agreed. Now what most men do when I say you don't gotta spend a lot of money He's just gonna get something cheap and be like, well, Ne-Yo said I ain't gotta spend no money. Don't blame Ne-Yo on y'all's relationships. No. Don't do it. Not what I mean. The thoughtful gift is not always the expensive gift. Figure out what it is, like what do you know about your woman? What if your woman don't like roses? You walk in the house with a big bouquet of roses, thinking you done did something, and that ain't even her favorite flower. Right. Get her her favorite flower. Take her to her favorite restaurant, get her favorite fragrance for her- Mm-hm. Without asking her what it is. Cuz that just ruins the whole thing. Do some research. Yeah. Do some research. You go and bring her a fragrance that she absolutely loves and she goes, how did you? I pay attention baby. That shows that you are paying attention. That you are invested in this relationship. That you're not just sitting back letting her do this. I'm waiting on your turn to talk until the game come on.

Ne-Yo Helps Out the Fellas By Breaking Down How to Make Valentine's Day Special

Listen up men! Ne-Yo just gave some key tips on how to make Valentines Day extra special for your woman. Hint: You don't have to spend a lot of money.