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[MUSIC] Hey, Essence.com. I'm Dana Johnson and we are right here at Lincoln Center, looking for fabulous fall fashion nail trends. Tell me a little bit about your personal style, because I'm absolutely loving this jumpsuit that you're giving. Thank you. I remember somebody once describing me as rocker chic, so I- Oh! Guess the rocker is the funky part- huh. And the chic is the [MUSIC] Simple and elegant hopefully. [MUSIC] Do you do your nails yourself? I do a little bit of both right. I go to the salon, especially in the summers because I'm doing the whole mani pedi combo thing. Okay. I get bored with my color really quickly so I do them at home quite often. So, we're changing colors every week. I do them at home myself maybe every two to three days. I have a little nail salon in my living room. Girl it is a recession still [LAUGH]. I have to do my own nails at home. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Cuz you're like, effortless and chic throughout your outfit. How do you pick your nail color? It has to be something classic and neutral that can go with whatever I decided to wear that day. I just pick a color that makes me happy that week, or that's on trend. Does your nail color dictate your outfit, or does your outfit dictate your nail color? I think my outfit dictates my nail color. Yeah. Shoes first. Oh, okay. And then you work your way up. And then you work your way up. Then you work your way up. Okay. Foundation, and then up. Are there any fall nail trends that you're looking forward to playing with? I've been. Being really cool, simple geometric designs, with neon colors on the nude base. I'm really into the nude nails. I like edging your nails with a nail color instead of actually using a french tip. Well, that's a wrap. The women right here on the streets on New York City are definitely flawless. For more street style nail trends, check out Essence.com
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