My Mane Moment: Kelly Rowland

You'll never guess who convinced the singer to rock her iconic pixie. 

Nikki Brown May, 12, 2017

Kelly Rowland has never been afraid to switch up her look and she’s got the receipts to prove it.

We’ve watched the singer and actress don a plethora of styles since the late ’90s, but none are more iconic than the pixie cut she rocked alongside Destiny’s Child. As it turns out, the singer didn’t even want short hair to begin with!

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Watch our latest episode of ‘My Mane Moment’ to see who convinced her to do a big chop, why her husband loves seeing her natural curls and what the words “Black is beautiful” mean to her. 

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[MUSIC] What I love about m hair is being able to switch it up, I think that's just so exciting. [MUSIC] I must be completely honest. For me, it's been a journey in loving my hair, my texture. It's actually some of my favorite times when I'm at home and I take my extensions out and I'm able to wear my little fro all around the house. And I remember once, my husband saw it and he goes, I really like your hair like that. [MUSIC] What made me cut my hair was Each lady in the group wanted to have their own identity and for me it was really important to have that of course. So actually I didn't wanna do it, I was nervous about doing it and Tina Knowles are, Tina Knowles [UNKNOWN] now. [UNKNOWN] at the time she said [MUSIC] You will look so great with short hair and I got nervous but she cut my hair and there was so fly, and I was one of a kind. I think that was I like the most it's everybody have to look in short hair was mine and I like it. [MUSIC] Black is beautiful means compliments. Black is beautiful. Means warrior. Black is beautiful means timeless, classic, effortless. There's just so many things that black embodies. [MUSIC] Biggest lessons I've learned about my hair and beauty in general is, it's truly your own. You celebrate and Our loud to, to be yourself and be creative, you know, with your style your personal style in your own beauty and I think it is so important to know that, to rock it, and to have confident in it, cuz you never know who you inspiring. [MUSIC]