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[MUSIC] Ya'll ready for Chris Brown's tomorrow night? Right before I go on stage, I have a little conversation with myself. Something in you just kind of snaps on. It's like, all right, turn it on, let's go. Ya'll make some noise for Sevyn Streeter. Before I step out. You are no longer yourself. It's like a turbo or someone's put a battery in your back or something, and you just, shoot, gone. Dallas make some noise. Yo, hold up. I want to say I love Y'all. From the bottom of my heart, I do. And the love that I have for y'all, it won't go away. It won't stop. Every artist, from the time that you can sing in the bathroom with a brush, you have like that dream of being able to perform for huge crowds. To hold the mic out, and they're singing your song. [MUSIC] For, for that dream to become a reality for me, it's something that I wish that everybody could experience in their lifetime. [MUSIC] Sometimes I'm shocked that I have fans. Every little bit of motivation that they give me. Every, you know, we like this song, every like, it feeds back to me. [MUSIC] I need everybody out here to sing this at the top of your lungs right now. Let's go. [MUSIC] People don't give the audience enough credit; they know when you're faking. They know when you're singing something that means something to you. They can feel it. I like the interaction between me and the fans. That's priceless. That's what you do it for. [MUSIC] I got to try to get in my show. [MUSIC] Hey Dallas. Hey Dallas. My fans, my street team like, I try to express how much they really, really mean to me. I sit there in the sun and sign every autograph. You know, I just, I appreciate, because they don't have to like my music, and they do, and they buy it, and they support it. It means a lot; it means more than a lot; it means everything. The Road to Essence in Dallas, that was like, it was honestly, for me, it was like my first little, very tiny glimpse into what Essence Festival is going to feel like. I think I kind of saw, like, you know, one fourth of what I'm going to see when I actually get to the real Essence Fest. So it's kind of going to feel like this, but on a way larger scale, and I'm ready for it. [MUSIC]

My First Festival Series with Sevyn Streeter Ep. 2

On the Road with Sevyn Streeter