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[SOUND] [MUSIC] Being a mother, has made me a badass. Being a mother, just puts a new definition on bounce back. Having brought a life into this world, like I made you inside me, and I pushed you out, like, no one can tell me anything. [MUSIC] My god, giving birth is crazy. Giving birth is such a big event. I'm glad I made it through it, and I have this beautiful baby at the end, but my birth was definitely traumatizing. I am terrified, okay? Terrified of birthing.>> Younger moms it's like okay their going to be able to do it and it's going to be fine. Moms who are older they tend to act as if it's going to be terrible, it's going to difficult.>> You have a plan and mine didn't exactly go the way that I expected it to.>> I was two weeks past my due date they decided to keep me overnight.>> I've heard all these crazy stories. It's like the worst pain. Of your entire life. I didn't have that experience fortunately. Got the epidural but then the epidural slipped out while I was sleeping which was not fun cuz I woke up in excruciating pain and then I had to push out the baby without any pain medication. The whole experience was natural birth all the way. I didn't get a Tylenol. [MUSIC] I got nothing. My mother was very much like, you're gonna be all right, you know, don't worry. And that's not what I needed. I needed my child's father, he was like. come on you could do this, Cory. You got this. You got this. You can push to shout out. And I, and I did. I just remember after my son was born Just seeing him lying on the little table next to me and you wait all of these months to see what this person is gonna look like and just see what their personality is gonna be like. And I just remember that moment so vividly and I just was like, crying hysterically. My son was Third push. The nurses were all amazed. The midwife was amazed. The doctor was amazed. It just goes back to show you how magical we are. If we can get through all of that, pushing out a child or going through major surgery, we can do anything. We're badass. [MUSIC]